Seamless Customer Experience

As customer experience (CX) turns into a priority for businesses—a 360 degree view of customers, to get a better picture of their wishes and desires, attains unprecedented significance.

Marketers need more flexibility, control, as well as the ability to provide a flawless customer experience. A customer data platform (CDP) creates a golden customer record by compiling every data point, such as those collected by 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd parties . This facilitates real-time, personalized, relevant, one-on-one, interactions on all customer-facing channels, whether its web, in-store, mobile app or any other platform.

Creating Seamless Customer Experience with Pimcore CDP


Pimcore’s customer data platform builds a consolidated customer information database by aggregating customer data and user profiles so that information is readily available to various systems. It enables the creation of holistic profiles that are used for personalized, real-time, contextually relevant, and consistent customer interactions across any technology or touchpoint.


Personalized Brand Experiences

Pimcore’s customer data platform (CDP) equips you with a single customer view that paves the way for comprehending customer’s preferences and behaviors. This, in turn, empowers organizations to offer them personalized brand experiences.

Real-Time Customer Engagement

Pimcore gathers customer’s real-time data based on their activity and uses it to sync their actions on a variety of platforms for carving out superior, highly-relevant, engaging, and seamless shopping experiences.

Omnichannel enablement

Pimcore’s customer data platform (CDP) with the help of its holistic customer data repository, enables consistency and engagement through automated, consistent messaging needed for impeccable omnichannel experiences.

Benefits of Pimcore’s Open-Source Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Low TCO: As an Open Source customer data platform (CDP), Pimcore's Community Edition is free of charge and comes with no vendor lock-in or license costs. Its Open Source nature also gives it a lot of flexibility, making it easily customizable – perfect if you want to develop customer data management solutions, which can be difficult or even impossible with off-the-shelf software's limited flexibility.

No Dependence: Something as valuable as all your customer data lying in the hands of a different company (as in case of proprietary software) instead of yours, can mean reliance on other systems. That’s the reason, open-source holds special significance when it comes to a CDP software.

Extensibility: Customers’ data increase and expand, there are times when you’ll need to scale the systems as your company’s needs grow. An open source software is owned by you; you own the code as well as its deployment (whether its on your own data centre or your own cloud). Besides, you can connect the system to a whole lot of backend services.

Ease for Developers: For developers, an open-source CDP is quite simple to comprehend, extend and enhance, as it requires no intervention of any outside vendor. Apart from that, open source CDPs can be highly useful to carry out improvement of data privacy, protection, as well as personalization for your customers.

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