Case Study: ENERGA Obrót S.A. - Impression #1

Case Study: Increased cross-selling for an Energy Provider

With 3 million customers, Energa is one of the largest electricity energy suppliers in Europe. It was the first company in the energy sector that offered eCommerce for the online purchase of energy.

The goal of this project was to create a user-friendly customer experience for a complex process: the purchase of electricity. Energa provides product packages tailored to individual customer groups. These product packages are part of different tariff groups, such as a fixed price around the clock or different prices at night, during the day, and on weekends.

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Boosting UX and service efficiency in business

Our customer was grappling with a series of interconnected challenges that were hindering their business growth and efficiency. The core of the problem lay in the poorly designed user experience (UX) of their current solution, which not only led to a frustratingly low conversion rate but also contributed to a sluggish time to market for new products. This ineffective UX design resulted in a high incidence of incorrectly completed forms that placed an undue burden on service staff who were compelled to make direct contact with customers for clarifications. Compounding these issues was the disappointing reality that sales of additional services, which typically carried the highest profit margins, were alarmingly low, hovering at less than 1%. This complex situation demanded a strategic overhaul to address these critical pain points and drive the business toward a more profitable and efficient operation.
"We hope that thanks to Pimcore we will be able to constantly improve our online forms."
Tomasz Aftański, Head of Sales and Electronics Service Development, ENERGA

Streamlining UX for enhanced user navigation

Divante, a Pimcore partner, analyzed the client's needs and collaboratively designed intuitive navigation paths for end-users, focusing on a user-friendly experience. Implemented between 2017 and 2018, Divante continues to maintain and update the website to meet evolving business needs. The selection of Pimcore was driven by its versatile functionalities. The client leveraged Pimcore CMS for flexible form management, allowing administrators to edit layouts and create forms with ease. It supports user rights assignment and access control. Snippets enable multiple page versions from one HTML template. Pimcore's data objects facilitate defining and tweaking purchase processes without coding, empowering the client to add new paths like tariff changes mostly without code alterations, enhancing overall adaptability and efficiency.

Sales leap and process efficiency

The project, implemented using Pimcore, achieved remarkable results. Sales of extended energy offers and complementary services saw a dramatic increase from 1% to 50%. Additionally, there was a 28% reduction in incorrectly filled out forms, enhancing operational efficiency. The implementation process was notably swift, taking just two months, thanks to Pimcore's easy integration with internal workflow and sales systems. The success of the project was recognized with an award, earning the title of "Leader 2017" in the Industry 4.0 category during the “Technobusiness: Leader 2017” contest.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced Form Fill Out Errors

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