Case Study: HARDY SCHMITZ GmbH - Impression #1

Case Study: How an integrated platform boosts business!

HARDY SCHMITZ GmbH: Electrical wholesalers and system partner for industrial and craft businesses in Germany. With 300 committed employees, a total turnover of more than 125 million euros was achieved.

Despite the fact that many companies have not yet freed themselves from the old IT corsets, there are many good examples of innovative companies who dare. And this trust is rewarded! HARDY SCHMITZ as a customer of Arvato Systems is almost an exemplary blueprint of how a company can "turn". Away from the old landscape, towards the digital platform, which can meet any old but also future requirements from the market and customer side.

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Customer Key Facts

Mio. Euro Turnover
300 000

Classic problem: rugged systems with many interfaces

Who does not know it? The old actual situation at the customer worked in day-to-day business - with the well-known "but"... The jagged IT architecture made up of different systems plus many internal interfaces is no longer efficient at some point. Price inquiries took ultimately long, and the managers and colleagues of Hardy Schmitz were aware that the day-to-day business would not be stable enough for future business requirements. New systems / processes or requirements were difficult to align with the existing landscape. In this case, difficult means expensive, slow and time-consuming. The customer experience during the ordering process was also not ideal because there was a hard separation between content and e-commerce (shop). This was not state-of-the-art.

Case Study: Markus Dietrich, E-Commerce Director
"For us, pimcore stands for dynamism, flexibility and scalability. The sustainability of the application represents an extremely high level of future security. Arvato Systems recommended it to us, ensured its implementation and thus provided excellent support."
Markus Dietrich, E-Commerce Director

GREENFIELD at its best: Reconstruction of a fully integrated landscape based on pimcore

Only by using the full bandwidth of the pimcore features solves all pain points of the old world. In this way, it is possible to meet the acute wishes of the customer now and in the future. The data model was optimized specifically for HARDY SCHMITZ. Product data have been ideally associated with the content. Garnished with an enterprise search engine based on ElasticSearch, All common B2B interfaces to customer ERP systems have been created (OCI, IDS, UGL and others). The customer receipt cockpit for all "receipts" completes the increased requirements of customers and enables significantly improved service in one place. The pimcore team from Arvato Systems has created a complete authorization system for HARDY SCHMIT customers for their "shopping baskets" and "customer workflows" in order to be even more efficient in day-to-day business.

Case Study: Pierre Bremehr, E-Commerce Expert at Arvato Systems GmbH
"Hardy Schmitz was set on fire by our passion for Pimcore and the possibilities. This spark has jumped over and the Hardy Schmitz team "lives" the same agile approach. This is reflected in the speed and adaptation of new business processes with the aim of generating profitable business. It's simply fun!"
Pierre Bremehr, E-Commerce Expert at Arvato Systems GmbH

The reward: One platform, more sales, less costs

All these measures on one platform create an ideal customer journey in the front end. And best of all: An increase in sales can be proven here: Hardy Schmitz was able to increase the online share of orders from 2% to 25%. And it goes on! And it is precisely this idealized customer journey that at the same time ensures significant cost savings in customer service at HARDY SCHMITZ, because the integrated service functions on the Pimcore platform, such as the ticket system for customer inquiries, make day-to-day business noticeably easier.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data

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