Case Study:  Ivoclar's Digital Transformation Journey - Impression #1

Case Study: Ivoclar relies on Pimcore and the SAP Customer Data Cloud

ivoclar vivadent is a family-run, global manufacturer of dental materials.

Ivoclar commissioned valantic to design and develop a central platform – and it is more than satisfied with the result: A central corporate website with Pimcore as a global CMS system, highly complex in terms of countries, rights, and languages. An integrated e-commerce area based on SAP Commerce Cloud. Launch of a new Customer Academy, where many processes run automatically.

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Ivoclar's Digital Transformation Journey

Ivoclar's innovative system solutions are often very complex. This makes sales advising-intensive and professional applications often require supporting training content. That's why Ivoclar has an e-learning portal through which dental technicians and dentists can book courses and earn certifications. Challenge number one: Previously, the registration, administration, and certification in the background had been handled manually and thus produced a lot of administrative work. Customers were requesting a state-of-the-art platform on which these processes could be handled automatically in order to leave more time for customer advising and acquisition. Challenge number two: Ivoclar supplies products to more than 130 countries worldwide. As a result, the company has a total of 36 geographically local websites, which are run in the back end via several Content Management Systems (CMS). The consequence: Enormous administrative effort.

Case Study: Humam AlMukhtar, Ivoclar Vivadent
"I greatly appreciate the flexibility and all the time and hard work valantic has invested in this project. It’s obvious how passionate valantic was. Thank you very much to the whole team!"
Humam AlMukhtar, Ivoclar Vivadent

A central platform for everything

Content, commerce, and community have been united – and how: In addition to merging the individual websites, e-commerce has been integrated into the new website and the Customer Academy has been re-launched. From now on, the corporate website and Customer Academy can be maintained centrally in the back end via Pimcore as CMS. The special feature is definitely the highly complex rights, country, and language system. It consists of a total of 36 different language/country combinations and has been integrated seamlessly into the existing system environment. The same applies to the entire e-commerce sector, which valantic had already developed in previous years based on SAP Commerce Cloud. The Customer Academy offers the possibility to book training courses online, register for on-demand webinars, and even complete courses including certification. Dentists and dental technicians can collect credits via the "CE" port and obtain certification from the ICDE.

Pimcore as central technology

Ivoclar decided to use Pimcore as the central back-end technology for both the website and the Customer Academy. Ivoclar uses Pimcore especially as a CMS, and for MDM and DAM. The big advantage of Pimcore is its flexibility. The following systems and work processes were considered in the course of the development and integrated directly: GoToWebinar for webinars Azure Active Directory for Ivoclar employees who have access to the administration via single sign-on (SSO) Salesforce & Pardot to enable marketing automation SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) for a comprehensive view of customer data. CDC allows customers to log on to the various platforms via single sign-on. Other features include progressive profiling and GDPR-compliant data and privacy management.

Key Results

Time saved in data maintenance
872 Mio.
CHF Revenue Year 2022

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