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Case Study: Independent Business Process Management Platform for Kenty — the Wholesale Distributor

Kenty company serves as a mediator in procuring various goods and products for retail shops and supermarkets based in Central and South Europe, such as Konzum d.o.o., Pevex d.o.o., and similar.

A wholesale distributor operating worldwide, Kenty, needed help with optimizing its ordering processes and sought an efficient and fault-resistant data management system. After a thorough business analysis, Factory company developed an independent Pimcore-based platform for business process management in procurement, decision-making, and distribution of retail goods.

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The Challenge that Kenty faced

Dealing with non-traceable communication and tracking the vast amount of orders became a significant business challenge for the Kenty team over time. Every ordering process relied mainly on email, phone communication, and a system that was in place, but it was slow and not user-friendly, which resulted in users bypassing it and turning to the already-mentioned forms of communication. The lack of accurate data for reports and the missing overall picture on all orders was an issue for Kenty as some information could be left out due the human error. Besides, much of the documentation had to be produced manually ⁠— which took several hours per day from employees, while their focus should have been on procurement of the products and price negotiation. To help our client deal with its business challenges, we developed a perfect solution based on Pimcore.
Case Study: Krešimir Matišić, Commercial Director
"We would recommend Factory to anyone looking for a high-quality PIM solution. We’ve been using their Pimcore-based solution for almost a year now, and I love it! The features are great; you can use tons of cool ones with clients, and the interface is easy to use. It’s like having a digital assistant in your pocket - which is precisely what I need!"
Krešimir Matišić, Commercial Director

An Independent Platform for Business Process Management

We developed a platform for business process management and set up one place where all products, suppliers, and end buyers can be found, while the internal communication is done through actions and workflows in Pimcore. Our solution helped the Kenty team significantly reduce the time spent creating new documentation. From an initial four to five hours, they now generate documents (Sales orders, Purchase orders, etc.) with just one click. They can also easily extract Reports to excel or view them on grid view on Pimcore, where they can track every piece of information for products, orders, and similar. To help users navigate and adjust how much products can be shipped via containers or pallets, and track their costs better, we've established Pimcore-based logistics. We created a platform where end buyers can view and order products. All of that is accompanied by a notification system that alerts them when their due date for an order is closing or when they receive new offers.

Efficient Business Processes & Flawless Data Management

By developing an independent platform for business process management in procurement, decision-making, and distribution of retail goods, using Pimcore's PIM, DAM, and MDM solutions, we helped the Kenty team drastically shorten their time spent on administration and reporting. We provided them with advanced workflow management that now includes multiple states and stakeholders, as well as advanced user role and views management. We've also set up a new email notification system to make ordering easier for end buyers. Our solution has resulted in more efficient business processes, flawless data management, and a better experience for their end buyers.

Key Results

Product attributes
Reduced duplicate data
Time saved in data maintenance

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