Case Study: Pinalli - Impression #1

Case Study: How To Manage the Re-platforming of a Successful Ecommerce

Pinalli is the first Italian perfumery chain and has almost 40 years of experience. The company was founded in 1984 and has 60 beauty stores, located in strategic areas of Central-Northern Italy.

Given the success of the Pinalli brand among users, it has become essential to have an eCommerce platform always available, even in crucial moments such as Black Friday and to update the system to make it more functional in an omnichannel perspective.

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A real phygital experience

One of the primary requests was to integrate various actors, to be able to manage orders and availability and orders in a synchronized way between the various online and offline sales channels. In order to achieve these goals, the choice fell on migrating to Shopify, Saas technology (Software as a Service), the custom platform in use. Thanks to our solution developed on Pimcore (Sintra Omnichannel Hub- Soh) it was possible to integrate the Pinalli online store with the other applications present in the company (such as WMS and ERP, PIM platforms for the management of product data) and establish communication with the physical stores present in the Italian territory.
""Agility and speed are the words we have put at the center of our corporate digital transformation project. We wanted a complete, flexible and safe tool that could guarantee the high standards of performance and quality required by the market."
Luca Alberici, PMO Strategic Marketing Area of Pinalli

A great user experience

Sintra's work has been aimed at making Pinalli's online shop easier to navigate, improving the end user's shopping experience, but also easier to manage, and simplifying the management of data, stocks, orders and returns by the customer. The integration of the Shopify ecommerce platform with the Pimcore system has brought numerous benefits and new features such as: the inclusion of the possibility of managing online returns: the end user forwards the request in a dedicated section and the management takes place directly through the SOH interface by customer care; the creation of a loyalty program commonly used by the end customer, viewable on eCommerce and also usable in physical points, such as stores; the unique management of user data, with a single online and offline master data; the integration of the ecommerce system also in the totems present inside the physical stores; the inclusion in the eCommerce of an advanced system of customer research and suggestion of products to users.


An eCommerce more performing

The solution developed by Sintra on Pimcore applied to Shopify has amplified the client’s potential and has allowed Pinalli to manage a large amount of external flows in parallel, optimizing the times so that the information arrived at the datahub in a faster way, thus making the response times of the eCommerce more performing.

Key Results

Increased Average Order Value
Increased conversion rate
Increased Website Visitors

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