Case Study: Augmented Shop Experience: innovation made in Switzerland - Impression #1

Case Study: Augmented Shop Experience, Innovation Made in Switzerland

Spaeter AG is one of Switzerland’s leading trading companies for construction and sub-construction trades and industry. Spaeter AG provides its customers with products from the three branches steel & metal, construction, and building services. In addition to reliable logistics and transport, numerous pick-up shops are available for items customers need quickly.

Spaeter AG would like to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase its products around the clock in the pick-up shops and pick them up right away. Indoor navigation with augmented reality was developed to provide the best possible customer experience.  This ensures that customers can find what they need quickly and easily, even without personnel.

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24/7 Shop Access

If there is an emergency on a construction site, a spare part is needed as quickly as possible and the customer cannot wait for delivery the next day. Even if the pick-up shop is unmanned, the customer should procure what he needs so urgently. Here, there were some problems to solve, such as access to the shop, ensuring authentication of the customer, and finding products. 

Case Study: Stephan Habegger, CIO Spaeter AG
"Initial customer feedback has been promising and has given us the courage to continue pursuing the path we have blazed. We believe that with our project, we have laid the cornerstone for all of our future pick-up shops and we can thus assist our customers with their work as well as possible."
Stephan Habegger, CIO Spaeter AG

Augmented Shop Navigation

The flagship store is accessible with the Spaeter app. The check-in automatically sets the correct parameters for order handling and the availabilities for the pick-up location. The items can be placed in the shopping cart in advance via the online shop or in the store using the app’s scan function. Thanks to the integration of the payment service provider, the purchase can directly be paid.


Pathfinding Map as Core Element

For the augmented reality navigation, a map of the store with approximately 40 shelves is displayed. Including locked zones (zones that are not accessible/obstacles), this map also includes automatic pathfinding for navigation between the shelves. For this, a coordinate system has been created in the background, which transmits the data to the app.

This way, the app detects the item's storage location and can display the arrows with the help of the coordinates and lead the customer to the desired product. A visual editor was implemented to make the maintenance of the map as user-friendly as possible.

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