Case Study: Würth Group Electrical - Impression #1

Case Study: Building a PIM solution for 9 companies from 6 countries

One of the global leaders in the wholesale distribution of electrical material built a centralized PIM for 9 companies and over 4 million products.

Divante team planned and implemented an elaborate digitisation process of the entire product information management system for W.EG. companies in the Baltic Countries. Our primary goal was to provide a reliable and custom-made solution that will allow each company to collect, enrich and publish data about their products, and ensure undisturbed product information flow between them on a single platform.

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Customer Key Facts

Million products
PIM instances

Implementing a PIM solution on a large scale

The W.EG. Group wanted to assure a synergy across its companies and provide a digital platform that allows cost optimisation, governance, stability and dynamic growth. As pioneers in their market, they have decided to build a digitized system that covers nine companies from six Eastern European countries. Objectives: - Collection and consolidation of all product-related data on a common PIM platform - Providing the eCommerce platform with product data - Creating print catalogues, flyers, etc. - Delivering data to customers, ERP systems, and other PIM solutions. Pain points: - Large databases - Up to 1 000 000 items per company - Seven different languages - ETIM classification - Data standardisation. The assignment required a deep understanding of each organisation and the technological ecosystem in which they had existed before. It involved detailed planning while securing the free flow of information between 9 companies.

Manfred Dorfmann, Digitalization Director & Process Excellence
"Thanks to Divante’s individual approach, we got solutions that are tailor-made for our needs. This cooperation gave us much more than we expected in terms of process digitalization and what we can achieve with it. I’m glad we chose Divante; not only because of the final product but also because of the way we got to it and all the business and technical support we got from the team. "
Manfred Dorfmann, Digitalization Director & Process Excellence

The rock-solid process and tailor-made solutions

We offered W.EG. a three-stage project based on a mix of open-source technologies and specially-built solutions. We started with a three months long Proof of concept stage to prove that Pimcore is the right PIM solution for the project. After that, we moved to a Developers Backlog stage where we prepared a prioritized list of work for the development team. And finally, we moved on to the stage of Implementation. Our approach throughout the entire project was to create the least number of custom solutions and the largest possible number of configuration options. Using ElasticSearch, MongoDB, and Apache NiFi, we created a dedicated solution that enables a free flow of information between all Pimcore instances. Regarding data exchange we introduced a solution, where importers can be easily configured by the Client, depending on the input data’s instance and format. Also, we implemented test automation, code analysis, and used a modern approach to deployment with Docker and Kubernetes.

Case Study: Marta Borowiec-Salwa, Head of Custom Solutions
"We love to challenge ourselves and this was exactly the kind of project to do that. With a market leader like W.EG., we know that every improvement we implement can bring massive time and money savings. We’re happy that, in spite of there being many stakeholders, we were able to cooperate in a transparent, democratic model to deliver a solution that satisfied everyone in the company."
Marta Borowiec-Salwa, Head of Custom Solutions

Seamless information flow within a unified PIM platform

As a result of working with W.EG., we created an out-of-the-box solution that combines best data management practices with custom-made technology to deliver a system that works each and every time. We managed to successfully provide a dedicated solution that allows for a free flow of information between 9 different companies implemented in 7 different languages that run seamlessly and improves day-to-day workflow in the whole organization until now.

Key Results

Million products
Companies in 6 countries with 7 languages

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