Getting started with Pimcore Marketplace

Pimcore Marketplace offers enterprises a curated selection of product extensions. It is operated by the vibrant global Pimcore partner network, consisting of system integrators, digital agencies and developers. They exchange ideas and offer creative solutions that meet the needs of businesses all over the world.

Quick Tour of Pimcore Marketplace

Welcome to Pimcore Marketplace, where you will find a curated collection of product extensions that deliver unique business solutions and improve operational efficiencies.

To get started visit Pimcore Marketplace.

Front page

At the front page you can already browse through the list of available extensions. The extensions which are listed first, marked with a , have already been reviewed by official Pimcore partner companies. These companies have a proven track experience with Pimcore. Reviewed extensions are listed first, because their quality has been checked and approved in a review.

The bundles which are listed next have a . This means a previous version of this bundle has been reviewed, but the current version not yet.

All bundles which have none of these 2 symbols have not been reviewed regarding their quality yet. Use the search or filters for category,  review status, and author to find the extensions that meet your specific needs.

Extension detail page

Click any extension to learn more. The extension detail page provides additional information such as a detailed description, screenshots and information about its compatibility and contact data.




How does Marketplace ensure the high quality of extensions? Official Pimcore partner companies examine the structure and code of the extensions. These systems integrators, digital agencies, business and technology consultants perform a technical examination. They focus on documentation, coding structure, performance, scalability, security, and compatibility with the Pimcore core.
How is support managed for extensions and services?

Customers are advised to contact the partner directly for support, using the information submitted by the partner, listed at the extension detail page.

For support issues related to Pimcore Marketplace, contact:

Getting started with Pimcore Marketplace

Welcome to Pimcore Marketplace, where you can reach Pimcore customers, browsing our website looking for product extensions. By using our marketplace, your extensions will be found by these customers.

In a nutshell the marketplace works in the following way: All Pimcore extensions (so-called "pimcore-bundle"), which are listed on Packagist, are imported on a regular basis. So, make sure that your bundles are listed there. Base data is imported and can be enriched at the marketplace with additional data such as images, descriptions, links. To enrich a bundle, you have to "claim" it. This connects the bundle with your company. 

Set Up Account

Currently, only official Pimcore partner companies can claim a bundle and enrich bundles. Also the review process for quality assurance can only be performed by official Pimcore partners. To become a Pimcore partner, you need to have proven Pimcore expertise.
Learn more about the partner program

Build Your Bundles

Learn in our Bundle Developers Guide how to ensure that your bundle meets Pimcore coding standards and best practices. Then, build your bundle to the guidelines. Once the bundle is listed at Packagist, it will become available in the marketplace automatically. Use the marketplace to enrich the bundle with additional information.

Complete The Extension Profile

Login to your account and you will see  
Once you have claimed the extension, it is assigned to your company and you can proceed with 

Click on "Edit Extension Information" and you will be able to add the following information:



Extension name

The title of the extension as it is to appear in Pimcore Marketplace.

  • The title should be written in descriptive and concise English.
  • Do not include the version number, developer name, or any reference to Pimcore.
  • Do not include the words “Extension” or “Bundle.”
Extension category You can choose one category for your bundle listing. Your category selection determines where the extension appears in Marketplace, and how easy it is for customers to find. To request a new category, contact:
Pimcore compatible version Specifies each version of Pimcore that is supported by the extension.
Where to get support You can use an email address or a URL
Where to deliver issues You can use an email address or a URL


Images uploaded to your account help people learn about your products, and also represent your brand. Use only high-quality images for your bundle profiles. Use a combination of screenshots of the admin and front-end, and other images to illustrate what the bundle does, and how it is used. Choose one to be the main image for the bundle, and upload it first. If you want to change the order, delete the images, and upload them again in the correct sequence. The PNG format produces the sharpest screenshots, and supports transparent layers.
Extension description The description appears directly above the screenshots. Write a short and compelling summary of your bundles purpose and features in 2-3 sentences.

Collect Reviews

It is very important to collect reviews for your bundles. The , which your extension will already get with the first review, will list your bundle at first position for all customers browsing through the marketplace. Reviewers must be employees of Pimcore partner companies. Once a new version of your bundle is release, the reviewers of the previous version receive an automated notification, to review your bundle again. Until then it will have this symbol . Bundles without reviews are listed last in the marketplace. To get a first review, you can reach out to other Pimcore partners and ask them to check out your cool, new bundle.

Review Bundles

To become a reviewer for a bundle you can use the button  at the bundle detail page. By clicking this button you approve the bundle. You can only review bundles of other companies (not your own bundles). Make sure to perform a technical review, including a technical examination and sanity check with a focus on documentation, coding structure, performance, scalability, security, and compatibility with the Pimcore core. Once a new version of the bundle is release you will automatically receive an email to review the bundle again. Your name, company and the date, when the review was performed, will show up at the bundle detail page 




Why are there no paid bundles? Currently all bundles listed at the marketplace must be available in a free version. In the future we are planning to add the possibility to sell bundles too.

How can I set up a custom "GET IT NOW" URL?

Please send the URL you would like to use (instead of the default URL, which points to GitHub) to We will then setup this link for you!
How often is the GitHub data updated? Each time, when there is a change in the GitHub files, all data, such as readme/version/date is automatically synched to and updated at Pimcore marketplace. You just need to maintain this information on GitHub. The synchronization takes places once per day.
How does the search work? The search looks up the search term in these 2 fields: "Extension name" and "Extension description"