Nowadays, marketers need digital media assets within all communication and sales channels. Images and videos are essential for product marketing, commerce, merchandising, and the entire product sales and support cycle. Whether it's a collection of product shots, a new brochure, or a photoshoot that's ready to go: Pimcore's API pushes your final assets to destinations like CMS, digital commerce, PIM, and other applications. Pimcore's rich omnichannel publishing functionalities distribute suitable digital media assets to the various output channels. 

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) 

Content delivery networks, so-called CDNs, are a typical way of efficiently delivering digital media assets to various output channels or directly to the consumer. Pimcore's DAM is compatible with almost any CDN system on the market, including Cloudflare, Fastly, and Amazon CloudFront. It allows you to use different types of storage. And you can either choose local machine storage for a simple setup or unlimited and scalable cloud storage on Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure Asset Store. 

Integrated Publishing Channels 

Using and reusing digital media assets throughout all applications of the Pimcore Digital Experience Platform is very convenient. The Pimcore DXP’s functionalities allow you to integrate images, videos, and documents into digital experiences such as portals, marketing sites, webshops, and landing pages. And the software also lets you utilize Pimcore media assets within your desktop publishing lifecycle by integrating with Adobe InDesign. 

Headless DAM Publishing 

Use Pimcore as a headless, decoupled DAM system providing media assets in real-time to any 3rd party output channel. Either use the included Pimcore Data Hub to configure GraphQL API interfaces for quickly accessing media assets or use the standard Pimcore API to access all of your data within minutes. 

Asset Experience Portal

The Pimcore Asset Experience Portal is the most advanced and configurable enterprise solution for providing digital media assets to the end customer or internal sales, marketing, and product management teams. Create elegant and branded portals for your key users to access, search, and share media assets in real-time. Distribute final marketing materials as quickly as possible and eliminate repetitive tasks for banners, product shots, or demo movies. Pimcore fully adjusts to your corporate identity. 

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