The Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework provides the flexibility and innovation of open-source software along with the necessary building blocks to support highly individualized B2B commerce. Its composable and component-based commerce development framework allows enterprises to rapidly create highly individualized B2B commerce applications, which makes it a cutting-edge alternative to existing legacy e-commerce platforms.

Built-in PIM

B2B digital commerce platforms often need to have the capacity to handle millions of multi-lingual products with thousands of category-specific attributes and relations. In this case, a PIM-first approach is required. Pimcore places Product Information Management at the core of commerce and features world-class product data modeling and master data management capabilities.

Complex Pricing Rules

Personalized, customer-specific assortments and real-time pricing and stock-keeping are crucial for B2B commerce. The Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework is compatible with all your pricing needs such as tier pricing, personalized pricing, real-time price calculations, or pricing for highly configurable products as well as time- or channel-specific pricing.

Order Workflows

Buyer management and approval processes for certain product categories and shopping cart values are essential to B2B commerce. The order workflows and approval process features enable B2B customers to have multiple people contributing to the ordering process but usually require the manager's approval to proceed to checkout. The Pimcore commerce workflow engine component allows developers to create the most fitting workflows for B2B commerce experiences.

CPQ & Configurators

Pimcore supports configurable products. By utilizing intelligent relations and a rule engine between products, component parts and accessories, the logic of configurators and CPQ processes can be implemented. The customer-facing frontend is based on a headless approach, consuming data via the Pimcore Datahub APIs or with the help of the Pimcore Digital Experience Platform.

B2B Punchout

In many B2B commerce cases, B2B punchout and the integration of external ERP and e-procurement processes is a critical factor for success. The Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework features the necessary components to develop punchout workflows.

Individual Checkout

In B2B purchase processes, the checkout needs to tightly interact with the ERP and CRM systems. The Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework provides the necessary composable building blocks to create commerce checkouts that fully adapt to the individual needs of the enterprise and its procurement processes.

Case Study: Selling Cars Online

Complex Interfaces

B2B commerce often requires complex interfaces to existing enterprise IT infrastructures such as ERP, CRM, BI, and other middleware and integration layers. Pimcore’s API-first software architecture and the Pimcore Datahub makes formerly complex integration a piece of cake. Pimcore can easily and seamlessly connect to any 3rd-party enterprise software landscape.

“Connecting Moments of Discovery to Moments of Buying with Experience Driven Commerce”
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  1. Join the 3Cs: Content, Customer and Context
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