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Pimcore Open Source PIM

Pimcore is the leading open source product information management software that can solve any product data management challenge no matter the volume and variety. We aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible in product data management for amazing product experience. Hundreds of brands trust Pimcore to harness the full potential of their product data.

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See What Pimcore Can Do for Your Business

Pimcore PIM/MDM can change the way you centralize and harmonize all your marketing, sales, and technical product information.

  • Consolidate Data to organize and govern every aspect of your master record (product catalogues, vendors, customers, etc.) with custom product hierarchies, modeling, versioning, enriching, and multi-channel ready publishing capabilities.

  • Automate Process to eliminate manual work, optimize productivity, ensure seamless syndication, and improve product experience. Get 360-degree view of a product for both operational and analytical excellence.

  • Scale Fast by handling the most complex product data scenarios (millions of SKUs). Manage and deliver product content in any language you need to support your global customer base. Quickly globalize and localize your products using different date formats, currencies, security, and privacy requirements.

  • Implement Confidently in multidomain (any domain), multivector (any implementation style, organizational structure, and industry), and infrastructure of choice.

  • Accelerate Time-to-Market by managing any product data and delivering this data across any channel and device with the agile delivery process.

  • Create End-to-End Product Data Value Chain with a single consolidated solution for master product data, rich product content, product digital assets, and digital commerce.

Pimcore is an enterprise-ready, open source PIM solution and recognized in multiple Gartner analyst reports. It is incredibly fast, easy-to-use, and hyper-flexible and comes with no license fee


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Escape Data Silos
Quickly consolidate any digital data of any amount in a central place to create a single point of truth.
Decrease Time-to-Market
Deliver data to any output channel through the “connect anything” software architecture.
Omni-channel Enablement
Solve your complex product information and master data management needs for omni-channel success.

Maximize the Power of Your Product Data With Pimcore PIM Software

Pimcore open-source PIM has the ability to integrate, consolidate and manage any type or amount of digital data, for companies of any industry or size.

Its features include flexible data modeling, advanced workflow management, and easy integration of data via fast import and export. It’s API-driven, service-oriented architecture allows quick and seamless connection with 3rd party software such as CRMs, ERPs and BIs.

Sateesh Pokkunuri
Senior Application Engineer, Lightning Jar Digital Agency, New York City
"From the first day working with Pimcore I was hooked. It takes the pain out of back-end development of complex web and commerce applications. Content managers and designers love it too, because it’s intuitive to use."
Sven M.
Digital Manager Germany, IKEA Group
"We wanted to create a flexible solution to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with."
Christian Heigemeir
Head of Corporate Architecture, AUDI AG
"We were impressed about Pimcore's flexibility when it comes to B2B online shops. Pimcore adapted perfectly to our business needs."

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Work faster by consolidating key applications, eliminating the need for complex integrations, raising the solution quality and achieving an awesome customer lifetime value.

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