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The Growing Necessity of PIM

Organizations struggle to gain a consistent, complete, and accurate single view of the products they manufacture or handle for operational and analytical purposes. Product information management (PIM) emerged as a key technology to help enterprises support their product content and data management efforts for achieving a single view of a product.

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See What Pimcore Can Do for Your Business

Pimcore is the ideal product information management software that can solve any product data management challenge no matter the volume and variety. With Pimcore PIM software, you can change the way you centralize and harmonize all your product catalogues and related marketing, sales, and technical product data.

  • Import and Onboard Data Within Minutes: Centralize all product content and information from multiple sources (Excel/CSV, ERP, PLM, Suppliers, and Marketing) with custom product hierarchies, data modeling, validations, and versioning

  • Simplify Enrichment with Drag and Drop: Enrichment is convenient, as Pimcore is powered by a context-sensitive user interface, operated with intuitive drag and drop operations directly in your web browser

  • Digitize and Optimize Product Catalogs: Create and organize catalogs with comprehensive information such as product descriptions, images, videos, specifications, attributes, accessories, parts, and more

  • Syndicate and Distribute in Real-time: Export and publish data in different formats across multiple customer touchpoints, other channel partners, suppliers, and agencies with industry-standard data pools

  • Customizable Front ends: Build supplier and vendor portals with a simplified, self-service interface which allows to upload product data simultaneously for easy onboarding and new product introductions

  • Automate Print Process: Create personalized print-ready marketing and sales collateral such as price lists, brochures, technical documentation, and up-to-date presentations at the click of a button

Pimcore`s enterprise-ready PIM Software has been recognized in multiple analyst reports such as Gartner, Forrester, and IDC. It is incredibly fast, easy-to-use, and hyper-flexible and comes with no license fee.


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Enterprise Features

Product Data Syndication
Amplify engagement with a wider range of consumers across markets and touchpoints with automated syndication to more than 2000 sales channels and marketing platforms.
Product Feed Management 
Craft high-quality product feeds – optimized for all channels and tailored to your audience’s preferences for compelling product experience across multiple touchpoints.
Digital Asset Management 
Highly efficient and full-featured digital asset management built within Pimcore PIM to manage, integrate and relate images, graphics, documents, audio, and video.
Product Experience Portal
Create a central marketing content hub with configurable portals for sharing and searching product information across departments and boosting the product reach.
Marketplace and Apps Integration
Expand your digital footprint by integrating with marketplaces worldwide and track orders on a centralized dashboard. Quickly import/export data between apps.
Enterprise Print Publishing 
Fully automate your print processes and keep marketing and sales material consistent and up-to-date with the integrated Pimcore publishing components.


Escape Data Silos
Quickly consolidate any digital data of any amount in a central place to create a single point of truth.
Improve Time-to-Market
Deliver data to any output channel through the “connect anything” software architecture.
Unlock Omni-channel
Solve your complex product information and master data management needs for omni-channel success.

Implement Pimcore PIM Software Confidently

The Most Flexible PIM Software

Pimcore integrates and consolidates any type and any amount of digital data. It is multi-domain and multi-vector compatible, suitable for organizations of any size and in any industry.

Its API-driven, service-oriented architecture enables fast and seamless connection to third-party software such as ERP, CRM, BI.

Put your customers first, by delivering data from a single source to any output channel. For outstanding product experience across all your touch points – based on consistent, accurate and up-to-date data.

Why Enterprise Trust Pimcore PIM?

"From the first day working with Pimcore I was hooked. It takes the pain out of back-end development of complex web and commerce applications. Content managers and designers love it too, because it’s intuitive to use."
Sateesh Pokkunuri
Senior Application Engineer, Lightning Jar Digital Agency, New York City
"We wanted to create a flexible solution to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with."
Sven M.
Digital Manager Germany, IKEA Group
"We were impressed about Pimcore's flexibility when it comes to B2B online shops. Pimcore adapted perfectly to our business needs."
Christian Heigemeir
Head of Corporate Architecture, AUDI AG

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