Fast and Efficient PIM System

Skyrocket Your Sales With Trusted Product Data

Product information is increasingly diverse, distributed, and complex. This places an inherent stress on your organization’s data management practice. If not addressed accurately, it can closely lead to reduced operational productivity, fragmented product experience, slower time-to-market, and lost revenue opportunities.

See what Pimcore PIM can do for your business

  • Maximize product data importing and onboarding speed
  • Expand product visibility with faster product enrichment
  • Drive more sales across channels with optimized product catalogs
  • Manage multi-lingual product data for multiple geographic locations
  • Sell anywhere with real-time and automated syndication
  • Improve productivity and deliver outstanding product experiences


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Why Enterprises Trust Pimcore PIM?

Key Features to Maximize Digital Impact

Flexible Data Modeling
Create a new product data model within minutes.
Workflow Management
Boost accuracy with business processes and editorial workflows.
Data Quality Management
Get clean and trusted data with enterprise-class quality.
Digital Asset Management
Come with full-featured digital asset management.
Seamless Data Integration
Take charge of data integration through easy import and export.
Product Data Syndication
Automated syndication to more than 2 500 sales channels and platforms
Omnichannel Publishing
Automate omnichannel publishing with the right data.
Product Feed Management
Top-quality feeds – optimized for all channels & tailored to audiences.
Marketplace Integration
Integrate with marketplaces worldwide to expand your horizon.

Perfect For Any Business Environment

Implement Pimcore PIM Software Confidently

Pimcore integrates and consolidates any type and any amount of digital data. It is multi-domain and multi-vector compatible, suitable for organizations of any size and in any industry.

Its API-driven, service-oriented architecture enables fast and seamless connection to third-party software such as ERP, CRM, and BI. Hundreds of brands trust Pimcore PIM to harness the full potential of their product data.

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