Pimcore Open Source MDM Software

Master Data

A single source of truth for all your data

Consolidate master data across complex, heterogeneous system landscapes with the most powerful open source platform. It enables you to manage all aspects of any master record, including hierarchy, structure, validation, versioning, and enrichment with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data.

Compatible With Any Master Data Domain

Manage any data such as product data, customer data, employee data, asset data, partner or vendor data, location data, and reference data.

  • Leading Open Source MDM software available in the market
  • Flexible data models for expandability and scalability
  • Includes B2B/B2C digital commerce
  • Multi-domain and multi-vector
  • Support for both analytical and operational MDM requirements
  • Recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner and Forrester

Pimcore Master Data Management Solutions

Product Information Management
Master data management application for product data, centralizing and harmonizing all your marketing, sales, and technical product information. Manage both sell-side and buy-side product information.
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Customer Data Platform
Easily store and manage master data records of your customers with impressive features for customer data management, segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation. Handle both B2B and B2C customers data.
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Pimcore Data Hub
A revolutionary new tool that provides a central graphical user interface (GUI) to transform and prepare data for input and output channels. This framework is fully based on Pimcore APIs and GraphQL for superior connectivity.
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Data Quality/Semantic
Ensure your data quality needs are met by having your users define cleansing rules that reflect your organization’s standards. Cleanse, match, verify, and standardize master data.
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Hierarchy Management
Model and store multiple hierarchies to effectively classify all data instances for diverse business requirements and broader functionalities such as searching and reporting.
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Rich Content Integration
Attach digital assets and rich content with the predefined layout to your structured data for engaging and simplified experiences. Simple to configure and easy to extend.
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Audit Trail
Easily manage and maintain different versions of your structured and unstructured data in one place for better data governance. Improve data handling and data stewardship.
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Superior Connectivity
Provide unimaginable choices to connect with business enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, BI, ESB, etc.) or external third-party applications. API based integration with unlimited connectivity.
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Workflow Management
A powerful workflow engine allows internal and external stakeholders to join in your business processes quickly. Easily include any specific benchmarking effort into your master data.
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Improve Time-to-Market
Solve your master data management challenges in record time no matter the volume and variety of your critical business data. We’ve made it easier with a GUI based data modelling engine, business rules and workflows that you configure, not code. It delivers on operational efficiency and provides the best time-to-market by meeting governance, risk management, and compliance requirements.
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Accelerate Digital Transformation
Eliminate data silos across the organizations. An open and end-to-end architecture of Pimcore MDM makes it easier for organizations to accelerate their deployments and meet their digital transformation objectives timely. It is the leading open-source platform that combines data management and customer experience management in a consolidated platform to improve business outcomes.
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Reduce Cost
Today’s businesses are agile, and they look for better flexibility, scalability, and security to effectively react to the changing business conditions. Pimcore open source MDM reduces development cost and gives full freedom to integrate easily with future systems. As your requirements grow, the multi-domain nature of Pimcore MDM allows you to expand to new data domains without incurring a huge cost.
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Why Rely on Pimcore MDM Platform?

  • Completely flexible data models handle most complex data
  • Enrich any master data record across any data domain
  • Easily manage millions of records with thousands of attributes
  • Free Community Edition with unlimited data, channels, users
  • Deployment on both on-premise and cloud infrastructure
4,8 stars in the MDM category at Gartners Peer Review
Market Leader in MDM Software, Winter 2020
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    Scalable Architecture
    Choose the deployment option that best fits your organizational ecosystem. Pimcore`s master data management platform gives you immense flexibility for all master data domains to ensure your MDM ecosystem works like a well-oiled machine. Pimcore provides cloud, on-premises, and hybrid capabilities to simplify MDM adoption.

    The Pimcore Platform™ is dual-licensed software. The Open Source Pimcore Community Edition is available free of charge with unlimited data, complete features, and unrestricted users. The Pimcore Enterprise Subscription for vendor support and access to Enterprise Extensions is optionally available.

    “Pimcore has been identified as a market leader in the winter 2020 Master Data Management Software customer success report.”
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