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The Pimcore Platform™ provides a great foundation for creating product configurators for eCommerce webshops. Its enormous flexibility allows you to easily build first-rate enterprise product configurators. Join the royal class of brands that provide an amazing digital customer experience.
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Pimcore’s community edition is fully open source, just like Magento or Shopware. But it’s also a true headless, API-first GraphQL-driven commerce framework, which makes the front-end completely decoupled. This makes it the perfect foundation for building awesome product configurators! Take a look at the ones most liked by our community.

Vespa scooter configurator

Our solutions partner Cando created a configurator for Vespa Switzerland that takes the beauty of the Italian brand from the street onto the computer screen. The result is a digital shopping experience for Vespas with accessories that can be easily and intuitively assembled online. The configurator was implemented with the help of Pimcore’s headless commerce platform. The data is prepared and managed in the back end of the Pimcore Platform™. Then it’s delivered via the Pimcore Data Hub to the Angular front end using GraphQL APIs. This ensures a high-performance and fantastic user experience.

Drawer configurator

Pimcore solutions partner DACHCOM developed a virtual kitchen drawer configurator for the company Elbau. It can be used to select, divide, compile, equip, and order personalized kitchen drawers based on individual needs and ideas. The progressive web app (PWA) functions as a planning tool for B2B partners and also provides B2C customers with practical and intuitive inspiration.

Kitchen configurator

Kitchen&Co is a franchise for kitchen retailers in Germany. It is part of the Otto Group, a worldwide trading conglomerate that employs around 50,000 people. Retail belongs to the core business of the Otto Group. Hence, a solid multi-channel strategy is an absolute must for them. Solutions partner elbkapitäne created a configurator in which up to 60 different components can be combined to create approximately 500,000 kitchen variations with over 200,000 product illustrations. On the new platform, customers can optimally prepare and complement their stationary kitchen purchase by configuring their personal dream kitchen either upfront or on-site.

Computer configurator

Corsair is a pioneering manufacturing company in the field of high-performance PC hardware components. Pimcore partner Optiweb used Pimcore to centralize and structure the product data. Corsair can now implement regular updates with accurate and up-to-date information. They manage the product catalog, including attributes and translations. With the use of the Pimcore Platform™, Corsair is offering an improved customer experience with benefits such as compatibility checks and automatically suggested products.

Bicycle configurator

The Austrian premium bicycle manufacturer Simplon builds custom mountain bikes, e-bikes, and road bikes. Pimcore solutions partner Elements used the Pimcore Platform™ to build a product configurator for these high-end bikes. Using Pimcore’s APIs, the tool interfaces directly with the SAP ERP software. B2B dealers and prospective B2C customers use it to configure bikes according to their needs in the online shop.

Air conditioning configurator

Schiessl is an international wholesale distribution company in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. Pimcore solutions partner Elements transformed their business by providing them with a brand-new product configurator. First, it calculates the required power capacities for building air conditions into houses. Then it finds and recommends suitable products for each room. The solution digitalized the sales process. The Pimcore Platform™ was configured to act as a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) engine. Only Pimcore is being used – no external tool was needed. The interactive solution lets customers and the staff of Schiessl save lots of time.

Flooring configurator

The JAF Frischeis Group is the largest timber merchant in Europe selling around 83,000 products. Customers need to be able to plan and order wooden terraces. This can become quite complicated, and the process takes up a lot of time. As a solution, a digital tool called “terrace designer”, was created by solutions partner Elements. It is based on Pimcore and was fully integrated in the digital commerce process. The terrace designer calculates the optimal patterns and automatically generates the building instructions.

Cocktail configurator

Cold beer, trendy cocktails, and mouth-watering appetizers – this is what you find at the 41 Sausalitos restaurants in Germany! Pimcore solutions partner DGTLS created a so-called cocktail creator. It is a web app with Pimcore in the back end and a React front end.

AUDI signage configurator

Luxury carmaker AUDI, based in Germany, is bent on ensuring brand consistency among all dealer locations worldwide, having them follow strict CI and CD guidelines. Pimcore solutions partner Incoxx digitalized the previously very costly and fault-prone ordering process for dealer-specific signage products. The configurator system neatly places each item on the signage product according to the CI and the suppliers' specifications. Users are able to see a live preview of the final product. By rendering and publishing the data in a vector-based PDF file, Pimcore generates master drawings. The signage orders are then automatically sent to the suppliers, which completely eliminates the need for any personal interaction.

Apparel product configurator

ProTouch is an exclusive brand distributed by Intersport, the world’s leading sporting goods retail franchise with 5.500+ stores in 40+ countries. Pimcore solutions partner Elements made it possible for customers to personalize products directly on their website. The online configurator can be used on desktop and mobile devices as well as in stores. The web-based tool lets users design personalized sports tricots for soccer, handball, and other sports. Pimcore’s APIs directly interface with the SAP ERP and exchange all stock and order data. The powerful data management capabilities can easily handle more than 180 million color-pattern combinations. ProTouch saw a tremendous increase in revenue and sold more than 43 000 tricots in the first year. Additionally, they saw a 90% decrease in their sales cycle. 

Configurator for cooling circuits 

TEKO has been successfully active in refrigeration technology since 1982 and offers innovative refrigeration solutions for food. The company has specialized in standardized serial products for cooling fresh produce. The Pimcore API provides a fast and easy integration process with TEKOs existing data infrastructure. The sales department now has access to all data at any time. They can update current items or add new items with ease. In addition, TEKO is able to import specific exclusion criteria as well as product images, prices, and other vital information by themselves. Intera developed a product configurator specifically for TEKO, which lets employees and customers put together individual cooling circuits – flexibly and quickly, using a modular principle.

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