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Agility through microservices

Future-proof your business with a flexible microservices-based architecture. With the help of pre-built data and experience management building blocks, your teams can easily create a custom infrastructure. Furthermore, they can agilely scale and evolve the IT-framework as needed using a low-code approach. Generate revenue faster than ever before: regardless if you have a PWA online shop or custom web interfaces and apps for your sales teams, you can quickly implement and improve any data and experience management solution.

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Superior connectivity, fully API-driven

Build the foundation for a customer-centric digital ecosystem to populate all current and future digital touchpoints with ease. Accelerate innovation with our modern APIs and easy-to-use low-code development environment. Extract, load, and transform feeds from remote locations and use comprehensive API endpoints for importing and exporting data in GraphQL, RESTful, and file-based formats. Integrate your existing back-end system or third-party applications. Extend the platform as you need it - Regardless of the front end on your customers' devices.

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Save time and provide structure

Headless architecture decouples the customer touchpoints in the frontend from the data in the backend. It allows all types of frontends ("heads") to evolve independently without affecting the data or content. As a result, it gives companies the flexibility and freedom to create and collaborate on content in a central location and provide consistent, predictable data to multiple online and offline output channels. Pimcore is highly flexible - you can use it in a monolithic, headless, or decoupled style.


Framework for developers based on Symfony

The Pimcore Enterprise Edition & Community Edition are development frameworks with a high degree of customizability to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding developers. They use the web's most popular, up-to-date technology stack of PHP/Symfony, MySQL, OpenSearch, Redis, and Varnish. As a result, implement sophisticated web applications faster than ever before! Grab thousands of additional modules in our marketplace to boost your development time, and become part of the global community on GitHub.

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