Technology & Architecture

Pimcore is powered by the leading technology stack on the web. It’s built on a standardized, robust, modular, open and service-oriented architecture – 100% API driven. This makes scaling and implementing Pimcore and new features cost you less money & time. Developers just love Pimcore, because developing web applications has never been easier and faster.

Integrates seamlessly with your company

Pimcore is accessed and operated by the user directly in a web browser. It is compatible with any operating system, such as Windows, MacOS or Linux. Compatible browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari. The user-friendly interface is context-sensitive and allows working with data intuitively. Editors love it. Programmers love it. Users love it.

Open technology stack, superior level of connectivity

Built as a framework for satisfying even the most demanding developers. Based on the leading and most-up-to-date technology stack of PHP/Symfony, MySQL, Elastic Search, Redis and Varnish. Realize demanding web applications within a fraction of time. Pimcore is the ideal technological foundation for innovative companies. It has been designed with integration in mind and can interface with any external software.

Infrastructure of choice

Pimcore is available for on-premise deployment or for global 24/7 access through the cloud. On-premise deployment includes hosting Pimcore on your local servers behind a firewall, keeping data 100% private; Hybrid scenarios are possible, synching data between private and public infrastructures. We provide images for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other leading on-demand cloud computing providers. Additionally, Pimcore PIM & DAM will be available as Software as a Service (SaaS) soon.

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