Activate high-performance product experiences on every channel by taking full control of your product data syndication. Pimcore's PIM system equips you with all the tools you need to execute product data channel strategies. Expand on a global level and generate extra revenue through seamless data synchronization with any shopping, marketing, and business channel. Pimcore offers powerful data integration, standardization, content tailoring, product data customization, optimization, and product data syndication to more than 2 500 sales channels and marketing platforms.

Connect Pimcore to 2 500+ channels

Distribute your Pimcore product catalogs to any channel and in any format, no matter the market. Our 2 500+ built-in connectors allow you to publish and deliver product information to marketing, social, shopping, retail, and business channels such as Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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Data integration & standardization 

Gather and standardize product data of any kind, from any source, no matter the format. Fetch data from anywhere using a variety of integrations, including Pimcore. Define an import schedule to automatically pull product data at a pace that works for your business. Merge incoming data into your existing product feeds or create new feeds using raw data from numerous sources. Pimcore lets you unify disorganized and siloed data by standardizing all incoming content to fit your predefined structure. 

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Content tailoring

Turn raw product data into structured product catalogs that fit the unique requirements of any output channel. Map product data according to the individual demands of 2 500+ channels by using up-to-date channel templates. Get a detailed and visual summary of each product's channel-readiness, including missing information and overall channel health. Make changes to your product feed in bulk using various intuitive editing options to tailor price formats, character counts, and more. Craft custom templates that match any unique channel requirements to instantly structure all incoming product data.

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Customization & optimization

Optimize product catalogs to achieve maximum performance on every channel and in any market. Analyze individual channel performance and visualize critical metrics like CPC, clicks, and other KPIs. Identify low and top-performing items based on your KPI metrics and implement necessary changes with just a few clicks. Autogenerate creatives for every product in your catalog, and dynamically infuse them with information such as title, promo details, logos, and more. Test and compare variants of your product description to identify which version generates the best results. Get an overview of missed opportunities concerning optional attributes, channel-specific best practices, and more.

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Distribute product catalogs in any format to any channel, no matter the market. Publish or deliver product catalogs to marketing, shopping, retail, and business channels, or perform a custom integration. Deliver product information in the standard structure defined by your industry or target market, including item setup sheets, BMEcat, and more. Define an export schedule to automatically distribute product content. And exclusively upload new or updated product information without having to redeliver your entire product catalog every single time.

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Pimcore & Productsup

Gartner Cool Vendor Productsup powers Pimcore's Product Data Syndication. Productsup seamlessly integrates into Pimcore's Datahub and is an Enterprise Extension for Pimcore's PIM. Pimcore and Productsup combine perfectly, enabling you to deliver the right product information to an ever-increasing amount of customer touchpoints. They allow you to prepare for whatever the future might hold and to scale your enterprise globally.

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“Why CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, and technical professionals choose the automated option”
Given the scale and volume of product content, it is challenging to do it manually. With automated syndication, you can capture customers’ attention across markets and channels. This whitepaper helps you understand various implications of product content syndication in the retail business, including:
  • Overview of Product Content Syndication
  • Why Syndicate your Product Content
  • The Anatomy of Product Content Syndication
  • Automated vs Manual syndication
  • How Product Content Syndication Increases Revenue
  • Why Choose Pimcore & Productsup for Product Content Syndication

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