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Pimcore MDM is the most powerful open-source master data management platform. It enables you to manage every aspect of each master record (products, vendors, customers, etc.) including hierarchy, structure, validations, versioning and enriching master data with attributes, descriptions, translations, documentation, and other related data components.

By managing your master data in a central location, it gives you a single authoritative view of business information while reducing data silos, improving data reliability, reducing data redundancies, increasing operational efficiencies, and providing actionable insights.

The Solution For All Master Data Domains

Pimcore MDM allows managing any type of digital data. Its open source master data management capabilities enable control over a wide range of data assets, such as:

  1. Structured data (without a layout) based on a predefined data model
  2. Digital assets (binary data files) like images and videos
  3. Unstructured data (with the layout included) like web content documents


Workflow Management
A powerful workflow engine allows internal and external stakeholders to join in your business processes quickly.
Data Quality
Ensure your data quality needs are met by having your users define cleansing rules that reflect your organization’s standards.
Rich Content Integration
Attach digital assets and rich content with predefined layout to your structured data for engaging and simplified experiences.
Audit Trail
Easily manage and maintain different versions of all your structured and unstructured data in one place for better data governance.
Superior Connectivity
Provide unimaginable choices to connect with business enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, BI, ESB, etc.) or external third-party applications.


Roll Out Easily and Expand Quickly
Solve your master data management challenges in record time no matter the volume and variety of your critical business data. We’ve made it easier with a GUI based data modelling engine, business rules and workflows that you configure, not code. As your requirements grow, the multidomain nature of Pimcore MDM allows you to expand to new data domains easily.
Open and End-to-End Architecture
An open and end-to-end architecture of Pimcore MDM makes it easy for organizations to accelerate their deployments and meet their business objectives timely. It is the only open-source platform that combines data management and customer experience management in a consolidated platform.
Technology & Architecture
Open-Source MDM
Today’s businesses are agile, and they look for better flexibility, scalability, and security to effectively react to the changing business conditions. Pimcore open source MDM reduces development cost, gives full freedom to integrate easily with future systems, and provides the best time-to-market.
Why Open-Source?

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As management of data, of any kind or for any purpose gets trickier owing to siloed systems, untraceable data sources, traditional IT...

Bösch is a major supplier of heating technology, air conditioning, and ventilation technology. By using Pimcore's PIM/MDM platform, Bösch saw an 80% time reduction in working...

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