Customer Experience Management

Pimcore is the only open-source platform bridging content and commerce. Create amazing buying experiences with included enterprise web content management.

CMS Integration

Content Management is seamlessly integrated into Pimcore. But not only plain content management, but personalized digital experience management for all devices. All operations can be done within one interface. Just combine content and commerce elements via drag-and-drop. Use the native CMS integration to create guided selling and recommendation applications, or use our “AnyCommerce” technology to embed eCommerce functionalities into any page and site.

Content Commerce

Seamlessly combine product and marketing content and use the integrated digital marketing capabilities to create exceptional solutions with boosted conversion rates. Pimcore Experience Manager enables you to bridge content and commerce by integrating an advanced content management system for creating outstanding multi-device user experiences with personalization and behavioral targeting. With Pimcore Experience Manager you can simplify marketing and operations, eliminate need for complex integrations and have one single user interface that is easy to train.


Gartner predicts, that by 2020, smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15%. Pimcore Experience Manager includes a behavioral targeting engine that personalizes eCommerce experiences based on user data and behavior. Personalization in Pimcore does also involve wish lists and gift registries.


Pimcore eCommerce is a framework to deliver eCommerce functionalities to various output channels. This includes traditional digital channels such as web, mobile, app and social, but also digital signage, especially used at the POS. Pimcore eCommerce can be used to blend the physical and the digital world, by providing customized applications for store integration, such as buy online and pick up in store.

“Connecting Moments of Discovery to Moments of Buying with Experience Driven Commerce”
Download this Whitepaper to know how experience driven commerce can help you carve an unfailing conversion strategy with these 5 measures:


  1. Join the 3Cs: Content, Customer and Context
  2. Build a Mature Digital Experience Model
  3. Aim for Contextualized Communication
  4. Know the Gen-Next Customer
  5. Scale Digital Commerce Into a Digital Platform Business