PIM for eCommerce

Pimcore is the only open-source experience management platform bridging eCommerce and product information management (PIM/MDM). Create amazing buying experiences with ease by combining amazing multi-device shopping frontends with rich and centrally managed product data. Say good-bye to scattered and messy data that blocks your eCommerce strategy.

Data Management

Pimcore eCommerce includes best-in-class product information management and master data management (PIM/MDM) functionalities. Use the Pimcore Data Manager to manage even the most complex product data: Millions of products, with 1000s of attributes, relations between product entities and challenging pricing and availability data. Additionally, Pimcore Data Manager takes care of your whole digital assets with all its meta data. The user-friendly and consistent organization, aggregation, classification, and translation of rich product information based on a flexible and agile data model distinguishes Pimcore Data Manager from the rest.

Configure/Price/Quote tools (CPQ)

Pimcore eCommerce supports basic CPQ capabilities such as engineering, building and assembling to order. The PIM data within the Pimcore Data Manager can include configurable product rules, advanced relationships and workflows for guided selling and product configurators, especially used in contexts of engineer, build and assemble to order processes. Pimcore eCommerce can also be used for the development of web applications for interactive quotation and opportunity handling with tight integration to CRM/ERP.

Case Study: Bösch

Connect to Marketplaces

Use the Pimcore marketplace connector for an automated synchronization of product data and orders with marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Maintaining your product data and transactional data in just one place reduces redundancy. Product descriptions, prices, images and inventories are synched to the marketplace. Transactional data such as orders at the marketplace are synched back to Pimcore.

Feature Overview

B2C & B2B eCommerce Framework
Pimcore eCommerce is your flexible and open-source eCommerce framework for complex and customized B2C, B2B and omni-channel eCommerce scenarios.
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Customer Experience Management
The only open-source platform bridging content and commerce. Create amazing buying experiences with included enterprise web content management.
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Product Information Management
The only open-source platform bridging eCommerce and product information management (PIM/MDM). Say good-bye to scattered and messy data.
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“We were impressed about Pimcore's flexibility when it comes to B2B online shops. Pimcore adapted perfectly to our business needs.”
Christian Heigemeir, Head of Corporate Architecture

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