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Enterprise Content Management System without license cost

Pimcore CMS is a core component of the Pimcore Experience Manager. It is far more than a leading open-source web content management system. It is the only integrated experience management platform, seamlessly integrating content and commerce. It’s the most productive CMS and marketing platform you have ever seen.

Pimcore features award-winning single-source and multi-channel publishing functionalities making it easy to manage, update and publish personalized content and integrate data from various sources. With the content management system Pimcore, enterprises can create demanding rich digital experiences within one user-friendly environment for all their output channels at once: Web, mobile, apps, social platforms, and even print and digital signage.

Flexible platform

Allow individualized design for each of your many sites, even though they are all controlled through a single interface. Allow content creators to maintain the site without the intervention of IT. Allow your teams to work together on a single platform, with common workflows that enable sharing and teamwork.

Used by more than  80,000 companies in 56 countries, Pimcore is the enterprise-ready open-source alternative for rich experience and advanced content management for leading enterprises, digital agencies, and system integrators.


Digitalize Marketing
Constantly optimize engagement across multiple channels - web, mobile, social, e-mail, print, digital signage, etc.
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Manage personalized experiences fast
Manage content and marketing campaigns in real time, all within one single, intuitive interface.
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Content Commerce
The only open-source experience management platform bridging content and commerce.
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Single-source and multi-channel publishing
Edit and manage content in just one place and reuse it in all output channels.
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Improve ROI
Pimcore reduces the need and time for complex integrations and lowers the IT costs.
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“We wanted to create a flexible way to deliver content to the customer in a fast and easy way. Pimcore offers a powerful and intuitive interface for the editors to work with.”
Country Manager Digital Channel, IKEA Germany


Digital Experience Management
An open-source software platform for managing and delivering personalized digital experiences.
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Multi-channel delivery
Use multi-channel delivery to automate publishing processes across devices and channels.
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Personalization & Analytics
Increase engagement with customers by creating compelling and personalized digital experiences.
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