‘Ateles’ Wins Pimcore Partner of the Year 2019 Award

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our esteemed partner, ‘Ateles’ — an eCommerce consulting company founded in 2001, based in Linköping, Sweden has been chosen for the “Pimcore Partner of the Year 2019 Award.

At Pimcore, we feel our partners are one of our most substantial assets; they are not only an indispensable part of our journey, who collaborate, co-create, innovate and take the brand forward with us, but are also the best advocates any brand could aspire for. That’s why an appropriate acknowledgment of their dedication to Pimcore is our responsibility. Ateles is one such partner — who has continuously delivered tremendous value to its clients using Pimcore’s solutions — a fact that makes Pimcore incredibly proud of its partnership with it.

The Association Between Ateles and Pimcore: A Glimpse

Ateles’s journey with Pimcore commenced in 2013. At that time, Magento CMS did not offer much; therefore, Magento partners preferred to use WordPress to ease their pain. Since Ateles was working with big customers even back then, they were looking for an enterprise system which came with roles, restrictions, and workflow. They found Pimcore and realized that it held the key to all the challenges they were facing, and immediately included Pimcore as a part of their comprehensive offerings. In the beginning, they were mostly using Pimcore as a CMS, however in 2014 they noticed a massive surge in demand for product information management (PIM) systems in Sweden and later in Norway. At the same time, they started getting requests from all kinds of customers. They went from a level of 600 hours per project to 1.500 hours per project and upwards.

How Ateles Perceives the Demand for Pimcore?

Pimcore is now a part of Ateles’s reference architecture in all the projects. And even though CMS plays a lesser role in relation to Magento, Pimcore has begun playing a more substantial and significant role in Ateles offerings as a standalone solution. That’s because Ateles noticed that for bigger companies the flexibility, versatility, comprehensiveness, and the problem-solving ability of a platform is a bigger draw, than the no license cost advantage, which is mostly the concern of smaller companies. In the area of MDM however, Ateles has noticed that larger companies struggle with high costing of solutions providers like Informatica. As a matter of fact, in this niche, they feel that even larger companies are looking for a “low-cost alternative” when compared with a traditional MDM system, which are substantially more expensive than a traditional PIM solution. This is where they feel Pimcore scores a point over its competitors.

Here’s a Compilation of Some of Ateles’s Pimcore Customers 




One of Norway’s largest chain of home improvement; implemented Pimcore PIM, CMS, DAM; Magento eCommerce - www.maxbo.no


Implemented Pimcore PIM, CMS, DAM and B2B commerce - www.gant.se

3 the telecompany

Pimcore PIM - www.tre.se

Espresso house

Pimcore PIM and eCommerce - espressohouse.com

The Norwegian Agriculture cooperation (under construction)

 Pimcore PIM, DAM; Magento eCommerce - www.fkra.no

Ide House of Brands

Pimcore PIM, DAM; Magento eCommerce + Pimcore eCommerce - www.idegroup.no


Norwegian importer of Honda MC and outboard; Pimcore PIM, CMS, DAM; Magento eCommerce - kellox.no

Møller Mobility Group 

Importer and reseller of VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda; Pimcore PIM, CMS, DAM eCommerce - bruktbil.no, hwww.seat.no


Selling everything concerning dogs, cats and birds among others online; Pimcore PIM, DAM; Magento eCommerce - dogman.com

Bergene Holm

Wooden material; Pimcore PIM - www.bergeneholm.no

Berling Media 

Pimcore PIM, MDM, DAM, CMS - www.berlingmedia.se

EFG Business furniture            

Pimcore PIM, MDM, DAM, CMS - www.efg.info

RNB Fashion Clothes        

Pimcore PIM, MDM, DAM, CMS, eCommerce; Magento - www.brothers.sewww.manofakind.se

Some time ago, Pimcore had interviewed Sverre Oier, the country manager for Norway at Ateles Consulting. Here are some excerpts from that interview:

What Are Your Primary Business Objectives?

Ateles is developing omni-channel and eCommerce solutions for larger B2B and B2C companies. Pimcore is playing a central part in providing and administering the different channels with content from a common source. Roles, rights, workflow and ease of use, are important features in building a seamless customer experience.

What pain points do you help solve for your clients?

In modern commerce rich content, a vast number of products and a lively site with continuous updates have become key competitive advantages. Pimcore addresses these factors and provide a functional, feature rich, and user-friendly solution.

What is your competitive advantage?

Ateles is one of Scandinavia’s largest and most experienced specialized eCommerce companies. We have been in the market since 2001 and have worked with Pimcore since 2013. Our customers are large companies that take a lead in their industry. Ateles has a true omni-channel view on eCommerce and is taking the digital shop experience all the way into the physical store.

What Pimcore project are you most proud of and what did it entail?

Ateles is extremely proud to be associated with the world's leading lifestyle brand – GANT to implement Pimcore as their infrastructure for multi-channel publishing and master data management. The project started with an integration of Pimcore with their Google based approach for provisioning user rights and continued with the implementation of a solution for worldwide partner data management with partner details, physical store inventory management, store locator and PIM with automated translation services. The flexible data model and the powerful tools for CMS, PIM, MDM and DAM made it very easy for Ateles to support GANTs needs.

What led you to partner with Pimcore?

6 years ago, Ateles realized that even leading eCommerce platforms would not be able to develop good enough tools for customer experience and Product Information Management to meet the future demand of seamless omni-channel commerce. In the search for a solution we evaluated several different options. Pimcore stood out as a unique platform beyond our expectations, rich in features, extremely flexible and user-friendly. After having visited the agency – ‘Elements’ in Austria and experiencing the resources that stood behind Pimcore, there was no doubt in our minds.

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