Cando wins «Pimcore Case Study of the Year 2020»

At this year’s Pimcore Inspire 2020, Cando was awarded the «Case Study of the Year» for the Vespa configurator. The digital agency is especially pleased about this award because it shows that its high aspiration towards case studies has been recognized.
Cando wins «Pimcore Case Study of the Year 2020» - Impression #1

Every year at the «Pimcore Inspire» Pimcore presents its latest innovations. But that's not all! Exciting presentations are held, and the famous Pimcore awards are handed over.  Amongst other things, for great Pimcore projects.

This year's Pimcore Inspire was an important event for Cando: Chris Bochsler, Managing Partner at Cando presented the Vespa configurator and how Pimcore has enabled the translation of diverse and complex data into a new and user-friendly online shopping experience. As the cherry on the top, the project has been awarded the «Case Study of the Year». It is an important category that shows the various possibilities of Pimcore and gives access to potential new clients and interested parties. No matter how sophisticated and high-quality a product is, it is only the accompanying case study that creates a more profound understanding of the work.

From the beginning, Cando's goal was to show the complete journey from the first idea to the successful market launch of a modern "headless" e-commerce project. The case study guides the reader step by step through the development process of the project. It shows how multifaceted an e-commerce project is or put differently: It makes aware that great e-commerce projects are based not only on sophisticated technology but also on relevant added value for the customer and touch them emotionally. 

But what actually constitutes a winner case study? Pimcore defines six criteria which are explained by using the Vespa case study:  

1. Innovation
Pimcore clients are particularly interested in case studies that show an entirely new way of using Pimcore. The Vespa configurator could score in this area as it is one of the first headless commerce solutions with Pimcore that runs solely via Datahub and GraphQL.

2. Integration
We built the landing pages of the Vespa configurator with the Pimcore standards (CMS content bricks). Also, "headless" areas were integrated without the customer noticing it, ensuring that static content like pictures, videos, and text can be mixed with dynamic content like product views.

3. Enthusiasm
How are customer expectations and needs addressed? Previously, Vespas, equipment, and accessories have primarily been marketed through printed catalogues at the dealers' site. This often made the purchase cumbersome and confusing for customers. The Vespa configurator creates a shopping experience that lets you experience the Vespa lifestyle in an inspiring way online.

4. Platform
It is also inspiring when you work with a lot of data. For example, with managing hundreds of languages, millions of products, and so on – this shows how well Pimcore scales! The Vespa configurator is based on Pimcore and Cando's own products. It is a fully integrated solution that includes a wide range of applications such as product information management (PIM), content management (CMS), document asset management (DAM), e-commerce (B2C and B2B), marketing automation as well as print.

5. Scale & Scope
Although the new Vespa configurator appears very simple, a sophisticated configuration logic hides behind it: seven Vespa models with different colors and equipment, leading up to 21.606 combinations.

6. Presentation
Of course, in the end, it's also about the presentation of the case study. The Vespa case is very structured, easy to understand, and supplemented with the right number of descriptive pictures and videos.

Read the full case study

Cando says Thank You!

To implement a great project, you always need a great team. Therefore, we would like to give a big thank you to David Roethlin and the team at OFRAG Vertriebgsgesellschaft. And, of course, many thanks to the whole Pimcore team for the entertaining virtual event.

About the digital agency Cando

Cando develops innovative customer experiences for sophisticated products and services. This with a co-creation approach. In other words: together with you and your employees. Cando supports you from the initial idea to the successful implementation. Always with a focus on the needs of the people involved and to create added value.

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