From Zeros to Heroes

Product data are only ones and zeros? Not at all. When data become stories and catalogs become real experiences, it is probably due to an excellent PIM system. But it can only unfold its full potential - and that of your data - if it is implemented correctly, integrated sensibly into the corporate culture, and communicated in the best possible way.
From Zeros to Heroes - Impression #1

Confusing data silos, inefficient processes, unclear responsibilities, and inconsistent data quality.

These are some, but not all, of the hurdles, that medium-sized companies must overcome in using their product data. An efficient PIM architecture helps to meet these challenges in the best possible way. It offers an uncomplicated and changeable solution for a wide range of requirements.

Get a PIM, and get going

More consistency, less stress. More networking, fewer sources of error. More channels, less work. If you set up a PIM system in a sensible and structured way is already on the right track. Those who approach this task holistically and think about communicative storytelling at the same time have their finger on the pulse - and are miles ahead of the competition.

The degree of digitalization of a company can quickly become a decisive factor for growth and success. Globalization is setting new standards; those who cannot keep up will be left behind. It is therefore becoming increasingly important, especially for medium-sized companies, to optimize digital processes. This is the only way they can shine in the future, even alongside large corporations and corporate groups.

The solution: make clever use of the opportunities that present themselves. Those who see their product data not as an administrative problem but as a communicative treasure that needs to be exploited have already taken the first step towards digital transformation. With a PIM system that can do more.

Step 1: Decide on a PIM

PIM systems are software that helps to optimally model, manage, and deliver product data to different channels.

Properly implemented, a PIM system can break down data silos, unify existing data, create verifiable standards, draw synergies from marketing channels and thus enable you to act quickly and professionally in the market.

But: even the best software is only as good as the people who use it.

Step 2: Implement PIM properly

There is a big difference between introducing a PIM system - and introducing a successful PIM system. If you integrate such a system, you always have to take the people with you and build a bridge to the brand positioning optimally. Avoid new silos even before they arise!

Consulting, system-internal process integration, dealing with interfaces, integrated QA, and much more. When it comes to system integration, you should rely on partners with experience and expertise in these areas.

The following points are essential for the meaningful integration of a PIM system:

  • Content architecture for all product and marketing content
  • Defined and stored governance and coordination or release processes
  • Integrated workflows
  • Layout building blocks that ensure consistency and allow flexibility
  • Quality standards that can be checked by the system
  • High agility in organization and tooling to be able to react to trends, developments, and new ideas.

So far, so wonderful. But the work on and with your product data does not end there. Why? Because data alone is of no interest to anyone. Exciting stories, on the other hand, do. So ...

Step 3: Turn data into stories

A 200-page fishing hooks catalog with comprehensive detail information. The colorful, exciting landing page of the new iPhone. Which appeals to you more?

Product data is only as relevant as the impact it makes.

Pimcore is an excellent basis for this. Ignite the impact rocket for your product data with a technically and communicatively experienced partner. Let the software be tailored precisely to your requirements, establish a sensible structure, improve processes, and don't forget to take your employees with you on this journey.

So - what are you waiting for? Take your company's communication to the next level with the right support and a holistic view of all your goals and stakeholders.

Author:Georg Obermayr
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