Pimcore and diva-e Forge Platinum Partnership to Elevate Digital Transformation

Pimcore and diva-e unite as Platinum Partners to redefine digital commerce, blending expertise for groundbreaking solutions.
Pimcore and diva-e Forge Platinum Partnership to Elevate Digital Transformation - Impression #1

Pimcore is excited to announce its new Platinum Partnership with diva-e, a milestone in digital commerce innovation. This collaboration combines diva-e's holistic approach to digital transformation, which integrates customer experience, technology, and marketing strategy, with Pimcore's expertise in providing comprehensive digital solutions. This partnership stands to redefine the business landscape by offering advanced, customer-centric platforms and data-driven strategies aimed at fueling growth and delivering unparalleled digital experiences. 

With diva-e's proven success in driving digital innovation and its commitment to delivering integrated, user-focused solutions, the synergy between the two companies is poised to set new standards in the digital domain. By combining forces, Pimcore and diva-e are dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences that promise to transform the global business environment and drive growth. 

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About diva-e

With a yearly revenue of nearly 95 million euros (2022) and over 900 employees, diva-e is one of the leading digital service providers in Germany. In 2023, it moved up one spot to rank 7 in the nationwide ranking by the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW). With over 20 years of full-service experience, diva-e covers the entire digital value chain of businesses, from planning and project design to implementation, operation, and maintenance. This results in digital experiences that lead to both financial and communicative transactions. diva-e’s clients include well-known German and internationally operating companies such as EDEKA, E.ON, Carl Zeiss, dmTECH, ZF Friedrichshafen, and Bentley. Operating strongly in Germany as well as internationally, diva-e is present at a total of ten locations in Germany, Bulgaria, and the United States.

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About Pimcore

Pimcore is an analyst-ranked IT company that provides innovative data and experience management solutions. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. More than 110,000 customers, including Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi, Sony, and Audi, already rely on Pimcore. The Pimcore Platform aggregates, enriches, and manages enterprise data, providing customers with up-to-date, consistent, and personalized experiences. Its Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Digital Experience Management (DXP/CMS), and Digital Commerce modules are recognized by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester. The consolidated platform provides companies with a "trusted view" of information (products, assets, and customers) to eliminate data silos, optimize operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and minimize IT costs.

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