Pimcore Awards 2024: Honoring Innovation and Commitment

Unveil the luminaries of the Pimcore Awards at Pimcore Inspire 2024, where innovation meets dedication.
Pimcore Awards 2024: Honoring Innovation and Commitment - Impression #1

The recent Pimcore Inspire 2024 has left us profoundly grateful, with an overwhelming influx of positive feedback from participants worldwide. This year's flagship conference marked a significant milestone, the first of its kind since the global pandemic. The enthusiasm and energy were palpable as industry leaders, innovators, and Pimcore Partners converged to share insights, trends and receive exclusive insights into groundbreaking developments of the Pimcore Platform.

With a two-day packed agenda, many sessions stood out for their depth and importance. Highlights included the "Alpine Expedition" keynote, which drew parallels between business challenges and the spirit of adventure, emphasizing the importance of innovative strategies and tools. Technical sessions like "Scaling New Heights" provided an exclusive first glimpse of Pimcore Studio, while "Mastering Pimcore Copilot & Workflow Automation" showcased how to enhance efficiency through automation. These sessions, among others, provided attendees with invaluable insights into leveraging Pimcore's capabilities for digital transformation.

As we reflect on the numerous highlights and shared experiences of Pimcore Inspire, we transition to the culminating moment of the event—the eagerly anticipated Pimcore Awards 2024. This year's awards were exceptional, marking the return of Pimcore Inspire and celebrating the extraordinary achievements of clients, partners, and the community. The awards ceremony recognized exceptional projects, innovative solutions, and remarkable contributions to the Pimcore ecosystem.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of the Pimcore Awards 2024. Now, let's spotlight this year's awardees.

Commercial Partner of the Year: twocream

Pimcore Partners consistently demonstrate excellence through their unique projects tailored to specific client needs. Among them, Pimcore Platinum Partner twocream stood out by exceeding expectations in their project deliveries. Their exceptional performance and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Pimcore solutions earned them the prestigious Commercial Partner of the Year Award 2024. This accolade underscores their commitment to excellence in the Pimcore ecosystem. Congratulations!

Stargazer of the Year: Tandemite

In the Pimcore Universe, partners aspire to excel by sharing knowledge, enhancing their development skills, and contributing to a vibrant community. Pimcore Gold Partner Tandemite, with their remarkable efforts, embraced these ideals fully, collecting Pimcore Stars with exceptional enthusiasm. The Stargazer of the Year Award 2024 recognizes their comprehensive engagement and contributions, celebrating their outstanding commitment to the Pimcore ecosystem and its growth. Congratulations!

Project of the Year: Jochen Schweizer

With over 110,000 companies globally utilizing Pimcore daily, Jochen Schweizer mydays stands out by implementing and continuously enhancing their Pimcore solution independently. Their initial self-driven success already earned them the Customer Award of the Year 2021. This year, they've again captured attention with a project remarkable for its complexity and scope, securing the Project of the Year Award 2024. Congratulations to Jochen Schweizer for their exemplary dedication to innovating their organization with Pimcore!

Most Valuable Pimconaut (MVP): Sebastian Blank

The Pimcore community on GitHub is a vibrant platform for developers passionate about contributing, exchanging feedback, and fostering mutual learning. Sebastian Blank has made a remarkable impact within this dynamic environment by submitting over 250 contributions in the past year alone. This extraordinary level of engagement earned him the most prestigious community award for an unprecedented second time in succession, highlighting his exceptional dedication to the community. Congratulations on being the Most Valuable Pimconaut (MVP) 2024!

Imagine you're part of a close-knit community where each line of code you contribute to the Pimcore GitHub repository helps build a stronger and more versatile platform. For Pimcore Developers, it's a wonderful opportunity to learn from others, get constructive feedback, and even enhance your professional skills. Plus, being an active member can open doors to new opportunities, as your contributions are visible to an appreciative community. Each year, Pimcore awards the community member with the most contributions the highest community award the organization can bestow: "Most Valuable Pimconaut," or in short, "MVP."
Take on the global challenge and become MVP 2025 - Join the Pimcore Community on GitHub


See you soon again

We celebrate and express our gratitude towards the remarkable Pimcore partner ecosystem. Their dedication and innovative contributions continue to drive the Pimcore Universe forward, enriching our community with unparalleled expertise and creativity. Once again, congratulations to all the award winners for their outstanding achievements and for setting new benchmarks!

As we close the chapter on a successful Pimcore Inspire, we look forward with excitement to Pimcore Inspire 2025. Plans are already in motion for another unforgettable gathering, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming everyone back for more innovative discussions, networking, and celebration of our community's achievements.

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