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Pimcore has earned a ‘High Performer Summer 2019’ badge in the category of web content management (WCM), digital asset management (DAM) and E-Commerce on G2 Crowd, the world's leading B2B software and services review platform.
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Pimcore G2 Reviews Overview - Impression #2

Pimcore has also been given a considerably high-rating of ‘4.4’, on a scale of 1 to 5 by G2 Crowd.

The badge and the ratings, while serving as a source of validation for Pimcore, will unmistakably come across as a double whammy for many of its competitors; here’s a small comparison with some of them:

Platform Rating No. of Reviews Offerings
Pimcore 4.4 36

E-Commerce Platforms Software
Product Information Management (PIM) Software
Digital Asset Management Software
Master Data Management (MDM) Software
Web Content Management Software

InRiver 4.2 22 Digital Asset Management
Catalog Management
Product Information Management (PIM)
Riversand 4.1 8 Master Data Management (MDM) Software
Product Information Management (PIM) Software
Agility 4.0 2

Product Information Management (PIM)

Stibo Systems 3.7 12 Master Data Management (MDM) Software
Digital Asset Management Software
Product Information Management (PIM) Software
Informatica 3.2 5 Master Data Management (MDM) Software
Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Pimcore’s reviewers come from a gamut of industries, such as Information Technology and Services, Internet, Financial Services, Marketing and Advertising, Automotive and some other industries. The roles of these reviewers too are quite diverse like Administrator, Internal Consultant, Consultant, Agency, Industry Analyst/Tech Writer.

Pimcore is an open-source platform for PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS, eCommerce, which means, it can be downloaded and used, absolutely free of charge. User reported pricing of Pimcore puts it in the “low cost” bracket. Reviewers have ranked Pimcore in the 1st percentile for cost in the product information management (PIM) category. Customers can get a customized quote and even try Pimcore for free.

Pimcore’s Outstanding Features

Pimcore’s features are elaborately listed and are divided into several categories.



Interface and Performance

Import/Export, Organizational Interface, Search, File Preview


Content Authoring, Rich Text Editor, Versioning, Plug-ins/Widgets/Apps, Approval Process, Content Queue, Asset Management, Internal Search, Content Repository
Data Management Collection, Cleansing, Classification, Access Rights, Versioning, Publication, Digital Assets
Asset Management File Types, Metadata, File Transformation, Versioning, Expiration, Watermark, Digital Rights Management
Design Breadth of Pre-Built Templates, Mobile, Branding/Themes, Customization
Optimization Data Quality, Workflows, Localization
Media Types Video, Audio, Images
Platform User Community, SEO, Flexible Navigation Structures, User, Role, and Access Management, Enterprise Scalability, Internationalization, Dashboards and Reports, API / Integrations
Analytics Compliance, KPIs, Performance
Administration Workflow Management, User, Role, and Access Management, Web Portal, Integration with Creative Software, Performance and Reliability, Integration with Marketing Software
Merchandising/Marketing Storefront Design Tools, Product Visualization, Recommendations / Personalization, Promotions and Discounts, Abandoned Cart Tools, Product Reviews, SEO
Product Catalog Content Management, Configured Products, Product Search and Filtering, Intangible Products
Order Process Checkout Process, Shipping Options, Tax Display and Processing, Payment Processing, Order Management, Returns / Refunds, Inventory Management, Cross-Channel Fulfillment
Multi-Channel Support Unified Customer Experience, Mobile, Social Commerce, Customer Service, Store Locator, 3rd-Party Store Integration, B2B Features
Platform APIs, Customization, Integrations to Add-on Tools, User Management, Reporting / Analytics, Security, Multi-Site Management, Admin Access Rights, Test-to-Product Migration, Internationalization, Cross Browser Support, Performance and Reliability

Pimcore - the Best Master Data Management (MDM) Software: G2 Crowd

Among the top 17 Master Data Management (MDM) software, G2 places Pimcore at the 4th position, giving it a ‘G2 Satisfaction Score’ of 85 out of 100. On factors such as ‘Ease of Use,’ ‘Meets Requirements’ and ‘Ease of Doing Business With’ Pimcore has a score of 84%, 89%, 94% respectively. On factors such as ‘Ease of Setup,’ ‘Quality of Support’ and ‘Ease of Admin’ Pimcore has a score of 80%, 89%, 87% respectively. Pimcore has also been recognized as a high performer in the ‘G2 Grid’ in the Master Data Management (MDM) category.

Pimcore among ‘Trending E-Commerce Platforms Software’

G2 places Pimcore among high momentum scorers for E-Commerce Platforms, on its ‘Momentum Grid’. The Momentum Grid highlights each product’s Momentum score on the vertical axis and the product’s Satisfaction score on the horizontal axis. These scores are based on G2’s Satisfaction and Momentum algorithms. Pimcore has made it to the top 25% of products in the Momentum Grid scores.

For Pimcore: Ratings and Badge Are a Source of Encouragement

The ratings, reviews and especially ‘High Performer Summer 2019’ badge serves as a huge source of encouragement for Pimcore. It gives us an opportunity to introspect, improve and continuously strive to achieve more for our valued customers. This is precisely the reason why we request our customers as well as users to rate us and comment on Pimcore.

Pimcore’s high ratings on G2 are proof of its outstanding features, ease of use, and overall popularity among its users.

To know more about users perceive Pimcore, click on Pimcore’s review on G2 Crowd.


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