Pimcore is included in this year’s PEAK Matrix report from Everest Group

Everest Group, one of the biggest IT research companies globally, analyzed 11 Digital Experience Platform (DXP) products and evaluated them concerning their market impact, vision, and capability. Pimcore is one of the companies that made it into the report.
Pimcore is included in this year’s PEAK Matrix report from Everest Group - Impression #1

Next to Pimcore, 10 other companies were analyzed by Everest Group for this year's PEAK Matrix assessment about DXP. Those companies were Adobe, Acquia, Bloomreach, HCL Software, Liferay, Optimizely, Oracle, Progress, Salesforce, and Sitecore. Pimcore reached the position "Aspirant".

On the one hand, Everest Group is measuring the market impact that a product is creating. This impact is captured through three subdimensions:

  • Market adoption
  • Portfolio mix
  • Delivered value

The market adoption covers the number of clients, the revenue base, and the annual growth of the company. With the portfolio mix, Everest Group is looking at the diversity of the client base across industries, geographics, environments, and sizes. The delivered value is based on customers’ feedback.

On the other hand, the vision & capability of a product is measured to get insights into the ability to deliver the product successfully. This is captured in five subdimensions:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Technology capability
  • Flexibility and ease of deployment
  • Engagement and commercial model
  • Support

The vision and strategy cover the roadmap of the product. As technology capability, they define the depth across the technology suite. With flexibility and ease of deployment, Everest Group analyzed all topics regarding customizability of the product, the possibility of hosting and tenancy, governance, as well as security and compliance. The engagement and commercial model is covering their progressiveness, effectiveness, and flexibility. And by support, Everest Group means the possibility of training, consulting, maintenance, and other support services.

We are grateful to be included in this report together with just 10 other DXP products!

Everest Group is a research firm focused exclusively on IT, business processes, and engineering services. PEAK Matrix assessments provide the analysis and insights enterprises need to make critical selection decisions about service providers, locations, and products and solutions.

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