Youwe Wins Pimcore Partner of the Year 2020 Award

We are thrilled to announce that Youwe, a leading full-service digital agency and our esteemed partner from the Netherlands, has been chosen for the “Pimcore Partner of the Year 2020" Award. Read the interview to find out more about our partnership.
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The unique partnership between Youwe and Pimcore

Youwe is a strategic partner to Pimcore. This means that we are active participants in developing Pimcore in our region. As a strategic partner, we have direct access to all stakeholders within Pimcore to receive support, insights, and input to Pimcore’s strategy and roadmap. So far this has been very beneficial for us in supporting our customers to the best of our ability and making our partnership truly unique.

What led Youwe to partner with Pimcore?

Initially, we wanted to have a Product Information Management solution in our portfolio to integrate with Magento. Ultimately, we now have access to PIM, MDM, DAM, DXP, CDP, and e-commerce functionality in a single platform. Because of the flexibility and strength of the Pimcore platform, it also serves as a real “low code” solution that allows us to create not only the obvious but also solutions like PLM, customer portals, and branding portals. Our goal at Youwe is to be one of the biggest full-service digital agencies in Europe, being able to offer solutions like Pimcore, but also Magento, Marketo, HubSpot, Dotdigital, Drupal, and many other solutions.

What is the competitive advantage of Youwe?

Youwe is a full-service digital agency that can support customers with their digital transformation using various platforms and tools. Our consultants start at strategy and roadmap to create a plan leading to success based on and measured with data. The main focus areas for Youwe are e-commerce, PIM, MDM, CMS, DXP, and Martech, which covers a large part of the digital needs our customers have. Being located in Benelux, the Nordics, and the UK, Youwe can support customers with an international footprint. Youwe can truly deliver a full- service project, from structuring ERP data in Pimcore to building an online shop with Magento and optimizing the platform entirely with Marketing Automation, online marketing, UX design, and beyond. 

What Pimcore project are you most proud of and what did it entail?

We have so many projects to be proud of, but the cases of Keesing Media Group and Quooker are two of our Pimcore projects we are most proud of.

Keesing Media Group 

As Europe’s market leader of puzzles and braintainment games, Keesing Media Group (KMG) produces over 100 million puzzle magazines each year and is active in 15 countries. The company is known for puzzles Sudoku. The initially anticipated PIM grew to a true Product Lifecycle Management solution supporting the complete flow for all of their publications and feeding their e-commerce platforms. The project has a significant complexity and many integrations. Together with the PLM, the project resulted in a good challenge. Youwe’s role in the project was to advise on and build the Product Information Management system, which could be used for multinational multi-brand purposes. We also designed and built a multi-language, multi-country, multi-brand Magento e-commerce consumer store where subscriptions, issues, and packages can be ordered. The project went live recently and is immediately showing benefits and results for Keesing.


Historically a B2B manufacturer, Quooker designs, develops, manufactures, and sells taps providing instantaneous boiling, chilled and sparkling water. Over the years, Quooker has evolved from a B2B manufacturing to a B2B2C company and with Pimcore we were able to achieve a lot. The product information management aspects of Pimcore allow it to be a one-stop-shop for creating, updating, and managing product information. The sheer number of options to extend and expand product information, managing a catalog of products, categories, and all associated information is a breeze and turns Pimcore into a single point of truth. Quooker also uses Pimcore as an MDM; this also allows for increasing performance by using Pimcore as a custom Content Delivery Network to directly serve product images, preventing overhead from duplicated images on different systems. Due to the Pimcore architecture, the sky is the limit when working with product data and using it in innovative ways. Pimcore can easily supply available data from an API-endpoint, allowing creative ways to display and handle data.

What are the biggest pain points your customers are having you are helping them solve with Pimcore?

Our customers' biggest pain point is dealing with multiple platforms in their IT-landscape, which don't get along with each other very well. Pimcore helps centralize the scattered and redundant information and makes it manageable in the most efficient way. We often see the following problems we can fix with Pimcore: 

  • ERP systems cannot handle rich data.
  • Assets are all over the place.
  • A lot of systems don't work well together.
  • Hefty license fees.

How does Youwe perceive the demand for Pimcore?

The demand for organizing and structuring data is growing. And it's not a question of just trying to sell the solution to the client, but it's about guiding them towards the right solution. The PIM domain is very popular at this moment in time, also due to the immense growth in the e-commerce world. Also, the competition is getting tougher. However, Pimcore still has a unique position in this area due to its flexibility. Since Pimcore offers MDM capabilities and, if probably leveraged, is a major step ahead compared to other PIM solutions.

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