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Pimcore Consulting helps businesses tackle the diverse data and experience management challenges that face visionary, transformative companies. Our edge is derived from our direct access to Pimcore product owners and engineers, more than a decade of experience, distinctive end-to-end project approach, and blend of in-house and industry best practices.


Data and Experience Management Strategy

Maximize the strategic return on your Pimcore investment and ensure you are well-positioned for future growth and innovation. A dedicated Pimcore Strategic Advisor partners with your data and experience management strategy teams to develop data-driven plans that span diverse challenges, including global omnichannel strategy, organizational resource planning, and application security and sustainability.

Business Requirements Consulting

We help you to lower your development costs and speed up your implementation times. You gain a deeper understanding of how your business needs, processes, and back-end systems align with Pimcore’s capabilities. A Pimcore Business Analyst works side-by-side with your client business teams to craft functional and system integration requirements for complex deployments.

Project Advisory and Governance

Ensure a successful Pimcore deployment with high delivery quality and faster time-to-value. Receive complete, end-to-end strategic advisory, implementation design, and governance across all stages of your project lifecycle, provided by a multi-disciplinary Pimcore team led by a dedicated technical account manager. This service includes Architecture Advisory, Code Audit, and Infrastructure Review.

Architecture Advisory and Dedicated Solution Architect

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and minimize customizations to maximize the efficiency and performance of your Pimcore deployment. A Pimcore architect works side-by-side with technical teams on complex systems architecture planning and decision-making.

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