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ercas. die agentur is an owner-managed advertising and digital agency which focusses on international mid-sized businesses. For more than 20 years we have been serving and consulting B2B and B2C companies at eye level. Together with you, we develop digital strategies and implement websites with highest communicative standards. Product databases and e-business solutions (e.g. for the insurance sector) are also a major part of our core competencies. Through our partnership with Pimcore we are able to develop top-level technological solutions, which even medium-sized businesses can afford.

Our experience, curiosity, conscientiousness and transparency in the cooperation make projects with ercas outstanding.

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Réalisations de ce partenaire Pimcore

Instrument Manufacturer Reinforces Multimedia Brands Presence

The Meinl company is a family owned manufacturer and distributor of music instruments located in the Franconian Gutenstetten. The company operates globally with its more than 400 employees and their seven own brands. Beside the production of appealing high-quality musical instruments, Meinl extends their portfolio with the distribution of additional premium brands and is able to generate a revenue of over 55 Mio. US$ per year with this extensive array of products.
PIM/MDM, DXP/CMS, Arts, Culture & Sport, Retail

Exponential Acquisition Rate Growth Thanks To Pimcore

MVK Insurance is a long-standing insurance company with an over 100-year lasting history. The steady growing company from Karlsruhe is trusted with the insurances of over 100.000 associates and generates more than 27 Mio. Euros per year. The MVK offers a varied insurance product and service portfolio to its customers.
DXP/CMS, Services financiers

HEITEC – Huge Innovation Boost for the Most Modern Industry-Automation

HEITEC stands for industry-leading competence in automation, digitization, and electronics and offers a wide array of solutions, products, and services. HEITEC enables more than 2.000 customers to increase their productivity and optimize their products with reliable and economical premium solutions. With an annual turnover of over 130 Mio. HEITEC provides specific technical expert knowledge for automotive engineering, packaging technology, energy, medicine, food and beverages, naval architecture, aerospace, and logistics.
PIM/MDM, DXP/CMS, Technologie, Automobile & Véhicules, Commerce de gros

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