Reduce Cost with Open Source MDM

Today’s businesses are agile, and they look for better flexibility, scalability, and security to effectively react to changing business conditions. Pimcore`s master data management (MDM) software reduces development cost and gives full freedom to integrate easily with future systems. As your requirements grow, the multidomain nature of Pimcore MDM allows you to expand to new data domains without incurring a huge cost.

How Does Pimcore Master Data Management Software Help?


Pimcore master data management platform can significantly reduce the costs associated with organizational integration by removing organizational barriers that inhibit information reuse. It can substantially reduce transactions that suffer from excessive IT and business costs. With Pimcore MDM, data management of the business can be achieved at a much lower cost.


Ample Flexibility

Pimcore MDM platform provides you unlimited flexibility to speed up your master data management implementation initiatives, without incurring new complexities that can prolong time and cost over the long-run.

Zero License Cost

Pimcore`s open source master data management software comes with free license permits, unlimited languages, channels, and users, thus enabling you to reduce operation cost.

Easy Implementation

You can do the development in-house or by freely selected IT service providers. And, in the long-run, you don’t have to pay recurring license fee; therefore, Pimcore MDM platform provides lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

The Power of Open Source MDM Software

  • Massive Flexibility: Pimcore is the most flexible open source master data management platform that can be deployed wherever you want. It has flexible data models for unlimited scalability and newer initiatives (such as IoT, analytics, smart machine learning deployment, or other scenarios). Pimcore MDM software gives full freedom to deploy on cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.
  • Continuous Innovation: Pimcore meets any unique need - or if a new feature does not exist yet, you can quickly build it yourself. Additions and customizations are quite easy to perform with Pimcore MDM. You can easily extend and scale without incurring a huge cost as you need it. With open APIs, Pimcore can integrate with any of your future systems as new APIs are released and need to be connected.
  • Speed and Agility: Pimcore MDM’s open architecture lets you adapt fast to ever-changing business expectations whether you need to create a single view of business information, improve operational efficiency, or enable omni-channel selling. Comparatively, it provides a faster learning curve to the configuration team to quickly integrate or extend master data management capabilities for newer business demands, thus improving your time-to-market. Plus, you receive millions of helping hands from the community to fix security issues, faster than proprietary solutions.
  • Reduced TCO: Pimcore`s master data management platform comes with free license permits, unlimited languages, channels, and users. You no need to pay higher support subscriptions because of vendor lock-in. Comparatively, it has less on-going maintenance and support cost, thus enabling you to reduce overall total cost of ownership.

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