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Pimcore Capabilities

  • Product Configurators
  • Digital Commerce Framework
  • UI/UX Design
  • Shopware Integration
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Magento Integration
  • Database Publishing (Web-to-print and/or InDesign integration)
  • Shopify Integration


Extera, agenzia con 20 anni di esperienza nel web, è oggi altamente specializzata in digital transformation e marketing online. Infatti forniamo soluzioni web avanzate per il settore B2B, sviluppo e-commerce, store management e digital strategy a 360°. Curiamo il progetto in ogni fase, a prescindere dal grado di complessità: la nostra forza è semplificare con focus sul risultato, dalla fase di pianificazione strategica al web design, passando per lo sviluppo e terminando con le corrette strategie di web marketing.

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Extera Srl
Via O.Scavino, 4
47891 Rovereta
San Marino
+378 941976

Storie de successo di Extera

New silver partner in Italy: Extera

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ottobre 31, 2017

Customized, quick and economical event websites

Fiera di Rimini and Fiera di Vicenza, two large players in the Italian trade fair sector, form Italian Exhibition Group (IEG), Italy’s most important exhibition & convention provider. The goal of the project was to optimize the management of many of the websites in the group and to make the creation of new sites quick and economical.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Viaggi & Ospitalità, Arte, Spettacolo e Sport

Fourfold increase in users of online ferry booking system

Amatori is a maritime agency and tour operator promoting travel between Italy and Croatia. The main feature of its website is an online booking system, which allows users to book ferries, cutting out any mediator.
DXP/CMS, Digital Commerce, Viaggi & Ospitalità, Trasporti e logistica


Marcolin has been creating, manufacturing and distributing sunglasses and optical glasses for brands in the forefront for 60 years. The dual vocation, which combines the best Italian craftsmanship with a strong ability to intercept and make the changes in the world of fashion as its own is what has determined the success of the company.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Fashion & Clothing

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