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An essential part of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Extensions maximize the strategic return of your Pimcore investment and optimize your Pimcore environment. They are provided directly by the Pimcore company as well as select partners and extend the native functionality of the Pimcore stack. Enterprise Extensions are only available to customers of the Enterprise Edition or PaaS Edition (range of functionalities depends on selected plan). For extensions for the Pimcore Community Edition, please visit the Pimcore Marketplace.

Experience Portals

Create outstanding product experiences by providing your customers with real-time product information in consumer-facing PIM and DAM portals. Build your unique content hub for product data and related assets.

  • Unlimited portals, tenants, users, and data
  • Flexible configuration & styling
  • Capacity to extend and white label for agencies
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Product data syndication to 2 500+ channels

Automatically syndicate product data, connect to marketplaces such as Amazon and Google Shopping Feeds and instantly sync orders back to Pimcore. Active clients of Pimcore's Enterprise Subscription get full access to this new capability.

  • Integration of Productsup via Pimcore Datahub
  • Accurately tailor data in bulk and optimize product data
  • Data supply via a high-performance API
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Enterprise Webhooks

Experience the transformative world of Enterprise Webhooks with the Pimcore Enterprise Edition. The benefits of Webhooks reflect instant data synchronization, swift and efficient integrations, and reduced data latency. Seamlessly connect with CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems, drive event-based workflows, and enjoy modular and flexible architectures that respond to ever-evolving business needs. Pimcore Webhooks embody seamless integration and automation for a cohesive digital ecosystem. 

Bookmark Lists

Bookmark management is an innovative addition to revolutionizing how editors interact with data. This feature provides a centralized hub for Pimcore data – such as objects, assets, or documents. Editors store, navigate, and manage their most-accessed data effortlessly, reducing the need to sift through complex structures or rely intensively on search functions. Bookmark management allows versatility and personalized organization, catering to diverse data requirements and bookmarking syncing needs. 

Enterprise Meta Data

Turn Pimcore into the world's most scalable metadata management system. Manage flexible data models for images, videos, documents, and any other kind of asset stored in Pimcore.

  • Easily configure asset metadata in an editor similar to the one you know from data objects
  • Get additional layouts and data types like multi-select, many-to-many relation, calculated values and many more
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Statistics Explorer

A simple statistics tool that you can integrate into your applications allows users to dig into data and create reports and statistics. Supported backend providers of data include OpenSearch indexes as well as MySQL tables.

Workflow Designer

Design your workflows instead of coding them. The Workflow Designer provides a visual wizard for the Pimcore workflow engine. It allows creating, managing, and designing workflow definitions and organizing them in a folder structure. Define workflow places, transitions, and global actions with a visual planner and specify all settings inline.

Enterprise Translation Management

A standard interface to Translations.com provides automated translation workflows for multilingual content management. Centralize linguistic assets and enable collaboration across the entire translation supply chain.

  • Seamless realtime integration of the worlds most powerful TMS GlobalLink
  • No more manual translation processes
  • Supports data objects, documents, and assets
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Pimcore Secured

In today's digital age, securing business data and infrastructure is not just a technical necessity but a critical business strategy. With increasing digital threats, businesses require solutions that are both robust and user-friendly. Enter Pimcore Secured, a vital component of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition designed to fortify your digital assets against various threats.

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SSO with OpenID Connect

Configure Single Sign-On for your Pimcore backend login via one or multiple OpenID Connect providers. Optionally hide the Pimcore login screen completely and redirect the user directly to your default provider.

Pimcore Direct Edit

  • Direct editing of assets on your preferred desktop application
  • Automatic download and re-upload after editing
  • Available on Windows 10 and Mac OS


  • Connect Pimcore to other systems or frontend applications
  • Configure REST Export API endpoints via Pimcore Datahub
  • Powered by OpenSearch & Swagger for fast performance

Datahub File Export

  • Publish flat files to local directories, SFTP or HTTP POST
  • Simple configuration inside Pimcore Datahub
  • Supported output formats: CSV, XML, JSON

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