Divante is a global eCommerce solutions, experimentation, and thought leader. Our team of 280+ experts empowers eCommerce for both the B2B and B2C segments, and has delivered over 400 projects for companies like Bosch, SAP, and Tally Weijl. We create rapid, high-functioning MVPs and integrate the technologies of tomorrow.

As a digital pioneer and strategic partner, we bring developers, designers, analysts, and testers together to empower eCommerce from every angle. We build enterprise open-source software ecosystems and customized software

Pimcore Strategic Partner
  • 6 Years as Pimcore Partner
  • 3 Certified Pimcore Enterprise Developers
  • 1 Certified Pimcore Consultants
  • 6 Certified Pimcore Senior Developers
  • 10 Certified Pimcore Junior Developers
  • 9 Case Studies
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Succesverhalen van Pimcore Partners

Divante has just released the Polish Pimcore website

Divante, eCommerce Software House and Pimcore strategic Partner has fully localized the Pimcore website for Poland. Another step intensifying our strategic partnership. Thank's to the amazing Divante crew!
maart 26, 2018

Increased cross-selling for one of Europe's leading energy providers

With 3 million customers ENERGA is one of the largest electricity energy suppliers in Europe. The company is a digital innovator. It was one of the first companies in the energy sector that offered eCommerce for the online purchase of electricity.
DXP/CMS, Energie

W.EG builds a centralized PIM for 9 companies

W.EG. is the Würth Group’s Electrical Wholesale Business Unit and one of the global leaders in the wholesale distribution of electrical material.
PIM/MDM, Groothandel


MStore is an FMCG platform that moves brick-and-mortar commerce between retailers and wholesalers into the eCommerce world and allows shop managers to access a wider assortment of goods on more preferable terms. Distributors can manage their offers and orders directly from the platform or connect their systems via API.
PIM/MDM, Groothandel, Kleinhandel

T-Mobile Giant Expands Their Client Base and Increases Revenue

T-Mobile, a household name in the telecommunications industry, is constantly trying to improve their digital experiences.
DXP/CMS, DAM, telecommunicatieverbinding

Axel Johnson International

Axel Johnson International is a Sweden-based organization with over 140 years of history, 110 companies in the portfolio, and EUR 960 million annual sales. Part of this group is the Lifting Solutions division.
DXP/CMS, Digital Commerce, Productie


LOVI is a leading European baby products and accessories brand. While beginning global expansion of rather demanding products, the company was in need of a flexible online platform suited to setting up over 20 sites adjusted to various markets and cultures. The answer was Pimcore.
DXP/CMS, Kleinhandel


Norstedt is Sweden's oldest publishing house. The publishing house has published 29 Nobel Prize winners.
DXP/CMS, Media & Publishing


Doppler is the most innovative manufacturer of umbrellas, parasols, seat cushions, garden furniture, and accessories on the market. They’re also one of the most successful. Since the company has customers in over 40 countries and has operated under five different stores, it needed to introduce significant changes in its webshops.
PIM/MDM, Productie

Gemini Polska

Gemini Apps and Divante partnered to make it easier for patients to access doctor-prescribed medications. The project focused on integrating progressive web applications with Pimcore PIM and e-prescription solutions to create a pioneering platform that gives patients the ability to check the availability of medicines at the pharmacy of their choice
PIM/MDM, Kleinhandel

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