Full Speed Marketing: Pimcore as an Efficient Framework for Happy Marketing Teams and Clients

As part of a new blog series, we will be introducing a series of guest bloggers.  This week, we would like to introduce Thomas Sommeregger, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Elements, a digital design agency and Google Partner based in Salzburg, Austria.  He recently demonstrated his comprehensive experience in search- and performance marketing as co-author of the top-rated and most actual german Google AdWords book.  It is a great honor to have Thomas as a guest blogger as we are confident his insight will provide great value to our customer base

To run an efficient marketing team, you need to have the right tools in place to allow your teams to be self-sufficient and productive. And as marketers aren’t usually very tech-savvy – the tools need to be user-friendly in order to promote internal adoption. As the CMO of Elements, one of my main goals is to make sure we are providing our clients with exceptional digital experiences.  One of the main reasons we are able to achieve that is because of our use of Pimcore’s Marketing automation solution that allows us to act fast – and more important, independent from development resources and deployment cycles!

With a high volume of clients, the demands my team has to meet are constant.  From one client to another, there is always something to do – and often the requests are urgent and require immediate action.  For example, my team is constantly working on campaigns and they need to act quickly in order to launch the campaign within a short window of time.  With each campaign requiring a unique landing page, my team easily uses Pimcore to tweak the content (e.g. for seasonal adaptions, internationalization etc.) as needed.  Very often, our clients will need to run a campaign on a special offer that will start the very same day they requested the new campaign.  We need to act very quickly in order to get this campaign up and running.  With a pre-defined landing page template, we can easily create this for them by adding new objects or tweak existing objects.  The landing page and campaign can be finished in one day and individual tracking or conversion pixels are placed right away – our customer is very happy because they can promote their offer and generate new business – thus, incentivizing them to continue doing business with Elements. 

A developer can set up a reusable template that my team updates and reuses as needed for the various campaigns.  This allows them to be more productive and fast – leading to happier customers.  In addition, with the saved time my team can focus on more strategic activities which further boosts our overall productivity and campaign performance.  They can also use the framework for tracking, analytics, and reporting to assess the outcome of their campaigns.

Without Pimcore, this situation would be a disaster! We would have to go to developers for every campaign request – and have to wait for them to respond to our request.  We would lose time and productivity and possibly miss deadlines which would upset our clients.  

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