Leanatic: Pimcore Gold Partner in Hamburg

Becoming partner gets you closer to Pimcore and lets you share knowledge and experiences with other partners.

Leanatic is a branding, design and marketing agency, founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2013. They are focused on creating websites, web applications and digital asset management applications. Automating business processes with Pimcore is one of their main agendas.

In 2017 they became a Silver partner. Just a couple of months later, in 2018, they opted for the Gold partnership. We asked them what made them choose Pimcore as the software solution for their company and why they chose to become an official partner.

How did your company get aware of Pimcore?

We got aware of Pimcore in 2011 after intense research on Content Management and Product Information Systems. After evaluating it we started to use it in many projects starting in 2013.

Why is Pimcore the right solution for your company?

We immediately realized its potential on first use. It is suitable to be used from a simple one-page website to highly complex web applications. Pimcore is our first choice in most cases. One of its main benefits is that our websites and applications can grow with Pimcore and do not have to be re-coded from scratch when new features have to be implemented. As Pimcore is not as popular as other enterprise web content management systems here in Germany yet, we sometimes have to convince new clients of Pimcore first. When they see how easy it is to use, they respond positively each time. The same goes for our team of web developers. Each new member of our team is instantly excited about Pimcore and realizes how much time he or she can save with this straight-forward system.

What made you join the Pimcore Solution Partner Program?

We like Pimcore and want to raise awareness for this software in the north of Germany. We would also like to get the acknowledgment of the Pimcore team, that we are a professional Pimcore solution partner.

Our main expectations are

  • New and potential customers feel safer in the knowledge that we are an acknowledged Pimcore partner
  • We can help Pimcore with its geographical extension in Germany and help its community in getting even bigger
  • We are expecting leads and clicks via our partner listing on the Pimcore website

Make sure to check out the great case study of a recipes-database project, which Leanatic did for Funke Mediengruppe.

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