Pimcore Inspire Global Partner Conference 2018

The global ecosystem of 97 partner agencies and system integrators met on September 27 in Salzburg, Austria. The event, which was already sold out in June, was a huge success and gave partners firsthand insights of the future product roadmap and business strategy of Pimcore. Many possibilities for networking were included as well.
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Over 140 participants from 17 countries were meeting last week in Salzburg, Austria. The Pimcore crew gave keynotes and Q&A sessions. 11 partners did case study presentations. The annual global partner conference is a great networking event and included a pre-opening evening and a dinner party. The event finished with the award ceremony. 'Case Study of the Year' was won by Pimcore Gold partner Blackbit for their Viani case study. 'Partner of the Year' was awarded to Pimcore Strategic Partner  DATASOLUTION.

Status of Pimcore

Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore: Becoming Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in digital commerce 2018 was the largest achievement for Pimcore so far. Glory times for the best digital experience platform DXP in 2019, with many events, PR campaigns and a load of product enhancements.

Product News & Roadmap

400+ improvements and 70+ new features. BRANDNEW: The PIMCORE EXTENSION MARKETPLACE. Next steps on the roadmap include a migration to Symfony PHP framework 4, CaaS APIs, machine learning interfaces & MDM channel management.

Workflow Engine 2.0

The completely refactored workflow feature supports data maintenance processes and life cycles across a wide domain of asset and master data management. Workflows are now fully standardized - based on the Symfony workflow component - and much  easier to configure.

Future Of The Pimcore Business Model

Pimcore is a company with a free product and a service-based business model. New enterprise services for customers & partners alike enable quick scaling, 24/7 support and providing the best environment for multi-cloud hosting.

Talking Community: MVP - Most Valuable Pimconauts

The “Most valuable Pimconaut” award goes to Dominik Pfaffenbauer, who continuously stands out as one of our most active community members! As an open-source company, Pimcore relies on a global community of currently 160 people who are voluntarily contributing to the advancement of the product. The continuous, ongoing development of Pimcore is transparently published on GitHub. Pimcore is open-source, not only our partners, but anyone can join and contribute to enhance Pimcore. A team of core developers monitors and checks the various contributions steers the roadmap and keeps an eye on the contribution quality.

Scaling with Pimcore Global Services

An offshore development center (Happiest Minds) in Noida, India allows partners to scale quickly and be able to offer global 24/7 support. A team of trained software developers is working on great projects for partners and clients around the world.

News from Partnership & Marketing Management

The global marketing team of Pimcore presented the latest sales material for partners and the progress that was made in the last year. Thanks to our partners Youwe, Divante and Datasolution the website is now available in Dutch, Polish and French.

Pimcore Inspire Awards

The event finished with the award ceremony. The case study of the year was awarded to Blackbit, for their content commerce online shop for food retailer Viani. This project has already won a shop usability award for “most innovative shop”. Congratulations! 'Partner of the Year' was awarded to Pimcore Strategic Partner  DATASOLUTION. By promoting Pimcore in France this company has shown a clear dedication to spread the word and foster the further growth of our ecosystem. Thank you for attending the Paris Retail Week together with us!

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