Pimcore open-source customer data platform offers you excellent control over your customer data with its unique features. You can aggregate user-profiles and customer data, enrich data, link social profiles, build audience segments, personalize experience, trigger events, perform marketing automation, and do a lot more. Pimcore CDP focuses on activities based on 1st and 3rd party data streams like conversations, on-site user behavior, CRM data, as well as ‘triggers’ or special events that can set in motion personalization and marketing automation.

Profile Unification

Pimcore’s profile unification feature can tie multiple devices to one individual the moment they’re personally identified. This includes de-duplicating customer records, tallying 3rd party identity data with personally identified customer data, and combining customers into one account. To zero down, unite and restrict duplicates, Pimcore provides a Customer Duplicates Service. It has three parts:

Searching for Customers: This is carried out directly through the customer/database object list. It starts by finding customers who are active, at places where configured fields are equal to the customer in question. Duplicates are found based on a combination of first name, last name, street, zip, city, etc.

Duplicates Index: It searches for fuzzy matching duplicates globally. The discovered replicas would be visible in the customer duplicates view, and the user gets a chance to unite them manually. To make the search for duplicates more effective, data is stored in a special format.

Duplicates View: This is the front-end for manually examining, uniting, or rejecting possible duplicates discovered on the duplicate index. Duplicates get populated the moment console commands of the duplicates index are executed.

Customer Data Modeling

Managing data based on a class definition (that determines structure and attributes) within Pimcore, remains the same for almost any structured data—be it persons, categories, products, news, customers, blog entries, and orders.

Class definition: Since objects in Pimcore are exactly like object-oriented programming, class definition can be described through a straightforward graphical user interface (GUI). However, a simple PHP class is created in the background, that gains from inheritance and can be accessed and used within your custom PHP code.

Data Management: Data management is carried out quite effortlessly and the possibility to extend the data models in a graphical editor is also easy. Data objects can be instantiated and filled within your custom code or Pimcore backend by using the common programming paradigms and PHP API.

Geographical Fields: You can easily add geographical fields with information about the customer. Pimcore also provides the new data editing interface with all validations that have been configured. And simultaneously after saving the new, extended data model, data can be queried by external applications via the APIs.

Real-time Personalization

Pimcore customer data platform is backed by personalization based on real-time explicit and implicit on-site behavioral targeting and customer segmentation. It connects personalization for known users with anonymous users that are being managed in Pimcore customer management framework (CMF). Pimcore CDP comes with :

Personalization Engine: Target groups are assigned to users on the basis of their behavior and connection is established between Pimcore target groups and customer segments. A lot many conditions and actions can be added to Pimcore Global Targeting Rules. Besides that, special conditions, triggers, and actions for targeting in CMF Action Trigger Service are also possible.

Personalized Emails/Newsletters: Messages and content can be personalized while creating a campaign. You can introduce predefined personalization blocks and dynamic personalization fields. You can even personalize the subject and sender of the email, and generate conditional content. URLs too can be personalized in your message via including content blocks, personalization fields or dynamic content in them.

Personalized Mobile Push Notifications: Personalized and relevant messages can be created for a range of campaigns. You can automate batch and triggered push notifications, and place profile attributes straightaway into your message content, like first name, favorite sports team, home town, or any thinkable customized content logic. You can also drive higher response rates through audio-visual content.


The customer management framework plugin provides tools that can automate any action linked to the customer according to the rules. Every rule comprises of one or more than one triggers, one condition, and one or more than one actions. Several triggers, conditions, and actions can be implemented with Pimcore CDP.

Trigger: Examples of triggers can be—when a new ‘customer activity’ gets added for a customer; when the segment building process is running; when a segment is tracked through Pimcore targeting; or when a target group is assigned via Pimcore targeting. Trigger are fired on the basis of the established cron definition.

Conditions: Conditions can be applied if a customer has attempted certain amount of activities. For instance, some conditions can applied only for customers who are assigned a particular segment, some are applied only for one specific customer, some are applied to customers who have a particular value in a given field.. All conditions can be combined with OR, AND, AND NOT and brackets.

Actions: Several actions can be taken such as—adding a segment to the customer, changing the value of a certain field of the customer object; adding the tracked segment that issued the trigger to current customer; adding to the target group linked segment that issued the trigger; sending distinct emails based on language.

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