2022 Pimcore Awards Nominations

It’s time for another great Pimcore partner event: the Pimcore Mountain Summit on September 27! It’s the perfect opportunity to find out about the latest Pimcore developments, our goals and our plans for the future – together with our partners – and you! A major part of our events is always the award ceremony because we value our partnerships and are proud to work with so many amazing people and companies.
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The Pimcore Partner Awards are an essential part of Pimcore’s partner conferences, of course, we can't miss them at the Pimcore Mountain Summit. Why is it so important for us? Because we want to make sure to award those partners and individuals who contribute most to the success of Pimcore and our community. We want to acknowledge what you do with and for Pimcore and, at the same time, give you the opportunity to interact with the community.

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Why do we award our community? 

Our community is one of our most important assets. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Pimcore wouldn’t be such a great product without the contributions from our community around the world. We also wouldn’t be nearly as successful  without our partners spreading the word every day. We appreciate this fact and are truly grateful to have the best community in the world. That’s why we want to give something back to you! 

Which awards do we give away? 

This year, five awards will be given to the community: 

Partner of the Year

The partner who interacted most with Pimcore, who provided the best ideas and showed their spirit in growing the community 

Enterprise Integrator of the Year

The partner who sold the most Enterprise Editions and was most passionate about it 

Most Valuable Pimconaut

The developer who contributed most to the platform and helped to improve it 

Data Hero of the Year

The most interesting case study in regard to data management. Possible criteria: implementation time, project size, well-known customer, preparation of the case study, etc. 

Experience of the Year

The most interesting case study in regard to experience management. Possible criteria: implementation time, project size, well-known customer, preparation of the case study, etc. 

Submit Your Nomination

How can I participate in the nomination process? 

You can participate by nominating those partners and individuals you think deserve one of our awards with the help of this form.

Nominate candidates 

When will the winners be awarded? 

The winners will be awarded live at this year’s partner conference, the Pimcore Mountain Summit, on September 27. If you have already participated in a previous Pimcore Inspire event, you will know that the award show is always the last part of the event before the after party. So, stay tuned! 

Of course, we will let our community know who won which award afterwards. 

You are one of our partners and haven’t registered for the Pimcore Mountain Summit yet?  What are you waiting for? We are looking forward to seeing you in Salzburg!  

  • Solve your most pressing business challenges 

  • Learn new skills 

  • Broaden your knowledge 

  • Party with fellow Pimcore enthusiasts 

Register for the Pimcore Mountain Summit 

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