5 PIM Success Stories of Retail

Retail industry is growing at a fast pace globally, and so are their challenges. Most of the retailers are looking for new ways to improve brand experience across multiple channels and customer touch points.
Pimcore PIM Success Stories For Retail

In this post, we are sharing a few customer case studies that have used our PIM/MDM platform to empower their retail teams for improving productivity, making customer engagement exciting, automating process, and driving higher growth. Check them out, they would surely be worth reading.

Improving Digital Presence

Digitally empowered customers demand rich, relevant, and up-to-date product information to facilitate their purchasing journey, irrespective of where they buy from. A PIM solution acts as a fine cord to digitally strengthen retail brands.

1. Success Story

"Hunting retailer hits the target with web and print"

The client is a retail organization that specializes in hunting clothes tailor-made for specific kinds of hunting and for every season of the year. It utilizes both a product catalog and their website for communicating their products to customers. Using Pimcore, the client was able to solve their business problems and create the business tools they needed to succeed. With an overall more efficient and effective digital presence, the client was able to strengthen their brand by being present in several communication channels and highlighting their products and industry knowledge in all of them. Get more info here...

Boosting Customer Experience

Modernizing product information management processes and capabilities has direct impact in providing great customer experience and growing the market share. A PIM solution makes it lightning fast.

2. Success Story

"Home improvement supplies builds stronger online experience"

The client is a leading online marketplace for home improvement products who needed to enhance their PIM capabilities.  Because of Pimcore’s workable PHP framework, the client’s internal IT team owned the PIM solution after launch and has been able to support future evolutions. As needed, they have had the flexibility and tools necessary to create custom portals for targeting suppliers, partners, franchises, and other distinct audiences. Get more info here...

Going Omni-channel

Omni-channel opens newer opportunities for sale and growth. PIM solutions help organizations serve their product information to customers across all platforms with greater accuracy and quality.

3. Success Story

"Omni-channel online shop for household appliances"

The client is a purchasing cooperative of electrical retailers present in 180 locations throughout Austria. Their multi-channel online shop with 80+ connected dealer websites sets new standards in terms of B2C retail and B2B process support - and thus in the integration of online and offline trading.  A multi-channel B2C shop with the members as local partners has been implemented to enable a simple and coherent shopping experience for their customers. Get more info here...

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Automating Operations

Today, automation has a very critical role to play in the retail industry. It enables efficient governance of product information, provides a customer-friendly content enrichment and streamlines the distribution of information across all channels.

4. Success Story

"Automating catalogs with Pimcore & Active Web-To-Print"

The client is the market leader in Fashion Retailing and is present in 25 different countries and generates more than 80% of its turnover through e-commerce with 10 million customers, 90% of whom are women. Using Pimcore’s PIM solution, the client has fully automated its print production in all languages with automatic multilingual variations, where no manual corrections are required. Get more info here...

Boosting Revenue

High growth depends on creativity, speed and customer experience. A consolidated PIM platform enables retailers to streamline operation, optimize productivity, improve customer experience, and boost ROI.

5. Success Story

"80% increase in revenue for online sporting goods retailer"

The client is one of the world’s leading sporting goods retailer. They are present in more than 40 countries with over 5,500 stores world-wide. The impact of Pimcore’s capabilities for Intersport Rent was tremendous. Since 2011, 265,000 winter sport equipment rentals have been facilitated through Pimcore’s system. This easy and efficient way of renting sporting equipment has helped Intersport enhance their brand and ultimately build their now two million customers worldwide. Get more info here...

If you would like to share your transformational story, we would be happy to know.

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