A first Glance at Pimcore's brand new Enterprise Subscription

During Pimcore Inspire 2020, Pimcore announced loads of additional benefits to its existing Enterprise Subscription. Learn more about the entry point to the enterprise world and explore it's brand new extensions.
A first Glance at Pimcore's brand new Enterprise Subscription - Impression #1

Pimcore's Open-Source Platform for managing any digital data and creating multichannel customer experiences is becoming even more powerful by opening up new potentials for the enterprise sector. Starting with November 26th, 2020, Pimcore is available in two different packages:

What's different?

The forever free of charge and open-source powerful GPLv3 licensed Pimcore Community Edition is extended by the commercial version of the Pimcore Platform™, the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription. It comes with a large number of benefits for companies: 

First, the Pimcore Commercial License (PCL) offers a new commercial licensing scheme, which covers legal aspects and grants perfect protection for the source code of your Pimcore based application. Secondly, with the Service Level Agreements (SLA), we offer the possibility to get SLA-backed tech support provided directly from the Pimcore core team. To extend your application's lifetime and lower TCO, the Enterprise Subscription offers Long Term Support (LTS) with access to LTS bundles and security fixes for legacy Pimcore versions.

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Access to Enterprise Extensions

The Enterprise Subscription grants access to all of our powerful Enterprise Extensions:

Experience Portals

The portals help you aggregate, centralize, manage, and share every aspect of your product- and asset-related content for all your channels with a single, integrated solution. They can be styled, configured, or extended according to your needs. With the portal engine, you can create an unlimited number of portals and tenants per end-customer. There are no limitations concerning the number of users, displayed products, or assets.

Explore the Asset Experience Portal & Product Experience Portal.

Product Data Syndication & Marketplace Integration

Deliver your product data to more than 2,000 shopping, marketing, and business-channels and provide shoppers with a compelling product experience perfectly tailored and optimized for your channels and audiences. This enterprise extension delivers a seamless integration of Productsup via the Pimcore Datahub.

Discover Product Data Syndication & Marketplace Integration.

Enterprise Translation Management

This powerful extension enables you to automate your translation processes, centralize linguistic assets, and enable collaboration across the entire translation supply chain with translations.com. Never worry about manual translation processes with the seamless real-time integration of the world's most powerful TMS GlobalLink. Find out more.

Microsoft & Adobe Integration

Access all object- and asset-based data stored in Pimcore from your operating system’s desktop – on your PC or your Mac. Pimcore directly integrates with your Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Powered by CI HUB, a leader in digital asset syndication and integration. Explore it.

Direct Edit

Use this extension to make media asset and document editing more efficient and flexible. Download and edit assets in your preferred desktop applications. Direct Edit syncs and reuploads the assets automatically to the DAM. Learn more.

Datahub Simple REST

Connect to other systems or frontend applications with a simple REST Export API powered by Elasticsearch and Swagger UI.

Datahub File Export

Publish data you store in Pimcore automatically to flat CSV, XML, or JSON files with simple configurations inside Pimcore's Datahub. Deliver the files to local directories, SFTP, or via HTTP POST. Updating and synchronization of data via configurable jobs or automatically by Pimcore.

Enterprise Metadata

Unlock the world’s most scalable metadata management system. Manage flexible data models for images, videos, documents, and any other file stored in Pimcore DAM. Edit your asset metadata with ease via an object like an editor and flexible datafields. Find out more.

The Pimcore Enterprise subscription starts from € 1,600/ month. Feel free to contact us to get detailed insights and more information about our offering! 

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