Become a Certified Pimcore Consultant in Pimcore Academy

A new course for non-technical Pimcore enthusiasts is now available. Learn all you need to know about Pimcore in 18 courses and 35 chapters. Drive your sales to a new peak!
Become a Certified Pimcore Consultant in Pimcore Academy - Impression #1

The Pimcore Consultant course is now available on our official online training platform Pimcore Academy and extends it with another new certificate. Learn everything a sales consultant needs to know!

All you need is an active subscription to Pimcore Academy, which costs 299 euro for each user and is valid for one year. Just get in touch with us. Or simply log in and quickly check out via PayPal and credit card. 

Who is it for?

This course is designed for Solutions Consultants, Account Managers, Sales, and Pre-Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Business Development Representatives, and anyone willing to know how to sell Pimcore more efficiently.

What are your benefits?

Within 18 courses, our executive team and company leaders give you all their knowledge about Pimcore. In only 8 hours of studying, you will be able to get your certificate and know how to consult new and existing clients about Pimcore and sell Pimcore efficiently.

Here is what you’ll be able to do after the course:

  • Recognize common digitalization challenges and know how Pimcore can help
  • Tell customers the Pimcore story
  • List Pimcore’s fundamental values and name the main features of the Pimcore products
  • Define Pimcore’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Work with different buyer personas in the buying center

What are the requirements?

You need an active subscription for Pimcore Academy, which is valid for one year. You should be interested and have common knowledge about data management and customer experience management. Ideally, you should have some experience in sales activities of B2B enterprise software. All courses are available in English only.

Do you still have questions?

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You are an official Pimcore Partner? Earn the Enterprise Subscription Integrator Certification!

The Pimcore Consultant course provides our partners the possibility to earn an additional company certification - the Certified Integrator - that comes with many benefits. 

As Certified Enterprise Subscription Integrator, you become an official reseller of the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription and the Enterprise Extensions. So here are all the benefits you get with this badge:

  • Resell Pimcore Enterprise Subscription with all its Enterprise Extensions
  • Get showcased on the Pimcore website at the first position in your partner level including your official badge
  • Offer private enterprise demo instances hosted by Pimcore to your customers

There are just a few requirements for this badge:

  • 1 "Pimcore Certified Consultant" + 2 “Pimcore Senior Developers” + 1 “Pimcore Enterprise Developer”
  • Purchase an active subscription to the "Enterprise Developer Package" / EUR 199 per month

What is the "Enterprise Developer Package" and how does it benefit us?

The Enterprise Developer Package is a license that allows partners to actively contribute to the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription. The EUR 199 per month only covers the license fees. Here is an overview of the benefits: 

  • Partners get access to GitHub and can actively contribute to the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription.
  • Partners have the possibility to develop their own extensions and make them available for the Enterprise Subscription.
  • With the "Enterprise Developer Package" partners get access to the source code.
  • With this license, partners receive their own demo version, which they can use for their pitches.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Integrator? Get in touch with us to discuss the next steps.

What are you waiting for? Start learning!

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