Become a professional in Enterprise Extensions at Pimcore Academy

On November 26th, 2020, Pimcore revealed the new Pimcore Enterprise Subscription at Pimcore Inspire. Through an individual subscription, enterprises can now get the most out of it because the Commercial Edition comes with many cool and new features – the Enterprise Extensions!
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Some of you may now ask: “How can I integrate those Extensions individually?” And some of you may now think of the Pimcore Academy. Pimcore Academy is a platform that provides different courses that help to understand and work within the Pimcore World. It was designed to give you an overview of Pimcore capabilities and a clear roadmap for building unique solutions. It covers all Pimcore topics by offering on-demand videos.

You want to get more information about Pimcore Academy? No problem! We'll tell you what it is!

What is Pimcore Academy?

As the Enterprise Extensions are new to all of us, we created a few new courses about them that should help you understand all of the new extensions and work with them individually. You can find 9 new courses with 19 chapters that take around 2 hours in total! As in every course, you can at first prepare and test yourself in an exam afterward. To do so you need a subscription that costs only 299 EUR. With this subscription you can participate all courses! That means once subscribed, you can visit every course and do every certification within one year! There is no need to buy a new subscription for every course!

You are not subscribed yet? No problem! Just buy it directly in the Academy for yourself via credit card or PayPal or text us to start right away!

The new courses cover the following topics:

  • Portal Engine
  • Datahub Productsup
  • Datahub CI Hub
  • Datahub File Export
  • Datahub Simple Rest API
  • Direct Edit
  • Enterprise Metadata
  • Translation Providers
  • Statistic Explorer

So, get to the Pimcore Academy and start learning!

Do you have any questions left? Is anything unclear? Just reach out to us!

Go directly to Pimcore Academy

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