Divante becomes a strategic partner

One of the biggest eCommerce software houses in Europe now working even more closely together with Pimcore

Divante is employing about 200 people with core competencies built around Magento and Pimcore.

For multiple years now they consistently contribute to the Pimcore community and deliver top-notch Pimcore projects for their clients. They are Pimcore experts and since becoming a partner in 2015 have been in close collaboration with the extended Pimcore team.

One of their many successes includes a highly-detailed CMS and DAM project with T-Mobile who’s digital world was expanding rapidly as their growth was dependent on having a user-friendly and efficient content management system (CMS) to build their projects. One such project involved building a new website - ElectronicBeats.pl which is a platform for listening to music and viewing live updates on music, lifestyle, and local events. To learn about this Pimcore project in more detail, take a look at our case study page for T-Mobile.

Their list of amazing Pimcore projects keeps growing, and most recently they had the opportunity to work with Norstedts, a Swedish publishing house, to revamp their entire website. Building the new website on Pimcore’s CMS, they were able to integrate several new enhancements that ultimately produced a plethora of business results including increased traffic and a decreased bounce rate. To read about the case study and business results in more detail you can visit the Norstedts case study page.

They produce reports about Pimcore, for example, the report about The biggest websites running on Pimcore. And they released a product extension to connect Pimcore with Magento. Their latest product innovation has also been connected to Pimcore already: Vue.js Storefront – A Progressive Web App for the Pimcore eCommerce Framework, which has already been starred more than 500 times on GitHub, just a few weeks after the product launch.

This was just a snapshot of the Divante Pimcore expertise - more of their work can be found on their website. In addition to producing great projects, they attended all Pimcore partner conferences so far to share their knowledge with other partners.

We are happy to welcome Divante as our newest strategic partner. Divante is contributing a lot to the Pimcore community project. With the strategic partnership, both Pimcore and Divante have stated a commitment to work together even more closely from now on.

Do you want to become part of the next generation of Pimcore partners?  Please visit our partner application page.

Christian Kemptner
  • Marketing & Partner Manager
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