Divante has just released the Polish Pimcore website

Divante, eCommerce Software House and Pimcore strategic Partner has fully localized the Pimcore website for Poland. Another step intensifying our strategic partnership. Thank's to the amazing Divante crew!
Divante has just released the Polish Pimcore website - Impression #1

The website is available at https://pimcore.com/pl. Now, Polish customers are able to read about Pimcore facilities in their native language.

Pimcore is a software vendor for free and open-source customer experience management (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), multi-channel publishing and e-commerce software. The platform is used by over 80K companies, such as Burger King, Audi, Peugeot and Intersport.

Divante and Pimcore have been cooperating since 2014. The company has implemented many projects based on Pimcore, including a website for telecommunication company T-Mobile, a website for Norstedts - Swedish publishing house responsible for the success of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series, and also a project for a Polish electricity company - Energa.

Poland is one of the biggest eCommerce markets in Europe, with many manufacturers and exporters. For them, eCommerce is a huge opportunity. We would like to help them sell internationally. They need a comprehensive solution for managing product-related content to sell more directly and build an effective B2B sales channels. The PIM Market is growing about 23% every year.  We see a huge opportunity here and would like to introduce Pimcore to as many clients as possible - says Tom Karwatka, CEO of Divante.

Divante has come a long way, acquiring more and more advanced Pimcore knowledge. Now Divante’s Pimcore Team includes several dozens of specialists - developers, designers and PMs. Divante has a great impact on the Pimcore community as a Core Contributor to the Platform and creator of well-known Pimcore plugins. For example, Divante maintains a Pimcore<>Magento Connector.

The partnership with Divante has born many fruits for both sides so far. We especially love the dedication and passion for Pimcore of the whole Divante crew. Letting them now manage our Polish website is an expression of the trust we place in this team. More and more companies all over Europe are looking for companies which have a proven record of delivering top notch Pimcore projects. And Divante has one of the best records - says Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore.

This article is a repost which originally appeared at Divante's blog.

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