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With approximately 80,000 users around the globe, the Pimcore platform facilitates a large variety of different use cases.  Serving various industries for various functions, each use case is extremely unique and solves different pain points for each customer. 

The telecommunications industry is a crowded market which requires all players to constantly innovate, especially their digital world.  In Poland, T-mobile’s digital world was expanding rapidly but this growth was dependent upon having a user-friendly and efficient content management system (CMS) to build their projects on. In coordination with Divante, an eBusiness firm based in Poland, T-Mobile was easily able to build a new website– ElectronicBeats.pl.

Prior to building this new website, T-Mobile in Germany had already been operating a successful ElectronicBeats site, and in order to keep up with market demand, Poland needed a way to quickly recreate the site for their users. There was significant pressure for this to be released quickly, as the market demand was strong and T-Mobile did not want their users to seek this service from another provider, especially a competitor.  

Through Divante, T-Mobile was advised to use Pimcore’s content management system (CMS), as an alternative to building a custom application from scratch. The widget features allowed T-Mobile to quickly manage this project from their end with minimal work from programmers required.  Any changes they make in the CMS became instantly live on the website which allowed them to implement changes very quickly. 

With a growing and crowded market comes constant innovation and new digital projects that typically require a content management system. Pimcore is very proud to be able to fulfill these demands for some of the most notable organizations in the world (and with the best digital experiences, too).  To see how our solution can help your organization, please visit: Pimcore’s Content Management System

Britany DiCicco
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