Happy New Year from the Pimcore Crew & 2017 Goals

As we recently welcomed in the year 2017, we also welcomed in our company goals for this upcoming year.  2016 saw much growth and success for Pimcore, and we are looking forward to continuing to flourish this year.  As a preview into what we will be working on, we would like to share with you some of our upcoming goals and initiatives we will be working on.

Pimcore 5: Later this year we will be launching Pimcore 5.  With the launch of Pimcore 4 in 2016, we brought our product to a standard where it became in a league of its own in terms of features and functionality.  However, now with the release of Pimcore 5 in our near future, we will once again revolutionize and enhance our product to the highest of standards with an array of new features, functionality, and overall usefulness of the product. Our engineers are working hard every day on this -  and we will release more details on this during our first Pimcore webinar which will be held sometime this winter.

Annual UNconference: Last year’s UNconference in Stockholm, Sweden was a great success.  Our partners from all over the world came together for some insight into Pimcore’s case studies, product roadmap, and future plans.  One of our goals this year is to host another UNconference with our entire partner ecosystem all together under one roof.  The event would be much bigger and we will be completely altering the agenda from last year with less presentation and more interactive activities for the partners and Pimcore staff.  We will be asking all of our partners to help us plan and participate – so get ready!

Increase in Global Presence:  In late 2016, we launched Pimcore Global Services in collaboration with our exclusive partner in North America, OSSCube.  With this project, we plan to collaborate to make sure Pimcore support is available all over the world, at all times and there is never a lapse in support in any region.  We are proud to have productive partners in many parts of the world, but for areas where there is a gap, Pimcore Global Services is actively ready to help.

Increase Analyst Exposure:  Last year we had the honor of attending the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference.  Our CEO, Dietmar Rietsch, presented on Pimcore’s web content management platform and strategy and the many benefits we provide to digital marketing professionals. We also were able to engage with analysts from Gartner who offered valuable advice and guidance for our product future and praised our previous success.  Exposure to analysts is imperative when building a product in a crowded market, and in 2017 our goal is to continue analyst exposure.  The more exposure we get, the better as we become more known in the market.  We also understand the importance of analyst coverage and will continue to strive to improve our relations with the analyst community.

Of course, this is just a snap shot into our larger company goals for 2017 and there are many more initiatives being worked on by our internal teams and partner ecosystems.  As the year progresses, we will be working hard and making more announcements as success comes about.

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