How a DAM Platform Streamlines Content Approval Workflows for Omnichannel Experience

A robust workflow management, approval, and asset utilization process helps better scrutinize content usage throughout the content operations ecosystem.
How a DAM Platform Streamlines Content Approval Workflows for Omnichannel Experience - Impression #1

One of the pressing challenges for marketers is getting their method and process right to make the maximum utilization of their creative assets—both existing and new ones. Marketing departments deal with a diverse and massive range of digital assets such as images, audio, video, and more to amplify the impact of their campaigns. But, storing and managing them is not enough; they demand much more than that.

The inevitability is to streamline the arduous digital asset and content management process that embraces the lifecycle from creative ideation, planning, creation to distribution of the right content to the right channel. However, more critical is that the whole process must be fast, efficient, less error-prone, and flexible enough to handle complex digital content. That’s where an efficient content approval workflow plays a key role.

Why Is Content Approval Workflow Critical?

Brands now heavily rely on digital content to execute their marketing strategy. It is now vast, fragmented, and evolving rapidly. This explosive content growth makes it hard for marketers to manage it in required specialized formats, multiple languages, diverse categories, and expanding marketing channels. This diversity and volume in content is now forcing every brand to put in place a proper process for fastening their execution time and improving their overall marketing content ecosystem.

Most digital content initiatives fail because of process deficiencies, not technology. A robust workflow management, approval, and asset utilization process helps better scrutinize content usage throughout the content operations ecosystem. It also helps improve content credibility and transparency alongside the evolving role of content in the organization over time.


How Does a DAM System Fill the Gap?

The best part is that it all can happen within a digital asset management system. A DAM system comes with the capability to store and manage assets, automate the process, and even improve content workflow for delivering amazing customer experiences. It also empowers creative teams, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to holistically audit and review all content before publication to prevent mistakes and ensure consistency and credibility. According to Forrester, “More than 2/3 of companies want to deliver their content more efficiently. Successful firms now make DAM a part of their broader digital experience and content strategies, not a point solution.”


Here Is How a DAM System Helps Build an Efficient Content Approval Workflow:

  • Content Planning: You can better plan your digital content-related activities right from the start. You can put in place a process for scenarios such as which content needs to be generated new, which one can be reused, and how you can streamline both. With better planning, you will save your team’s time and control the cost of the content creation process.

  • Task Management: It gives a clearer picture of who is responsible for which tasks and how you can improve efficiency in the process. You can ensure that the right person is working on the right asset at the right time, thus making everyone’s lives easier.

  • Review and Feedback:  When your content is created and distributed across channels— globally and locally, you need a stringent process so that key stakeholders can quickly review the work and provide feedback on time. A DAM system helps you simplify the approval process and ensure that the proper procedure is being followed as efficiently as possible.

  • Content Version Control: When your content is frequently updated and has multiple versions, you need to ensure that every version is available for future references. A DAM system makes it easier to track all historical versions and modifications to every piece of content for efficient version control and auditing. It includes asset editing and image manipulation, and more.

  • Automation: When you deal with hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and other related assets, it is a hell of a lot of work to work through them manually. You can automate the process such as collection, enrichment, and tagging of content. This way, you can maximize the findability and reuse of assets.

  • Compliances Management: Setting the process or workflow is one thing, but managing compliances and standards is altogether a new ball game. With a DAM system, you can set up content usage guidelines and compliances per your brand’s preferences. You can also flag any digital asset for additional compliance reviews at any stage. You can set processes in place to review the expiration of certain assets.

  • Content Reusages and Remixing: You frequently need to reuse, repurpose, or remix different digital content assets to execute your campaigns. A DAM system enables you to reuse and remix your existing assets for creative purposes effortlessly.

So, workflow approval, innovative usages, and digital asset optimization can directly impact your omnichannel experience. An uncomplicated and flexible approval workflow connects dots, drives successful engagement, and narrates a strong, clear, and compelling brand story, all the while improving customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

In Conclusion

Your digital content snarls through customer personas (targeted segments/audiences) in order to set the right customer journey context (buy, own, and advocate) and then convince and convert. But expanding digital content initiatives both at the global level and local level is getting more and more complicated with cost burden as a critical factor.

A well-established content approval workflow will keep collaboration up to the mark, enhance brand trust and consistency, reduce manual errors, and produce a more significant impact on customers as they move through their journey. That’s how you can build better stories of experiences. Here, a DAM system can be a true enabler to bring your brand experience to a rewarding and satisfying certainty.

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