How Pimcore Helps the Healthcare Industry

Pimcore is used by over 80,000 companies all over the world and in many different industries including anything from clothing retail chains to finance and telecommunications.  It doesn’t stop there as our software continues to emerge into new industries. Most recently we have seen increased popularity of our software in the healthcare industry.

It is becoming more and more important for healthcare institutions to have a strong digital presence – whether it be doctors’ offices, medical information websites, medical equipment distributors, or any other healthcare related businesses.  With that said, Pimcore is being used to enhance the digital presence of various healthcare firms around the world.

Pimcore is helping patients with critical needs locate life-saving medical devices.  Herzstark, a Swiss based firm, is a main distributor of Automated External Defibrillators (AED).  They needed a website that would not only educated visitors on AEDs but more importantly would help them find the locations of available AEDs.  Using Pimcore, they were able to build a website that not only provided the necessary information but also one that had a very attractive user interface.

Large medical organizations need a website that can display their wide variety of services and office locations -  Pimcore can facilitate this.  Zorboog is a medical firm in the Netherlands that offers all different types of services including maternity card, pediatrics, general medicine, and rehabilitation. Using Pimcore’s CMS, they created a dynamic website where users could easily find the information they were looking for regarding their locations and services.  It was easily maintained by their staff which meant patients always had up-to-date information.

Even specialized private medical practices are utilizing Pimcore, such as Dr. Vanita Gupta in Hyderabad, India.  She used Pimcore to create a website where patients could access information about the practice and where they could use an online form to request an appointment.  The website was easy for staff to update and helpful for patients to make appointments as needed.

As you can see, Pimcore is very helpful to the healthcare industry.  As having a digital presence becomes more important for medical professionals, Pimcore can help solve these needs with our dynamic platform.

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